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HTC Source | June 22, 2017

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About Nick Gray

Nick Gray

Nick Gray

Tech enthusiast, Android user and founder of the first HTC blog – Nick Gray has been blogging about HTC phones before most people knew what a smartphone even was. Over the years Nick has owned and tested dozens HTC devices and is constantly flashing new ROMs to his Android phones.

Posts By Nick Gray

What’s missing from the Android Market

February 27, 2009 |

There are a lot of different reasons to buy the T-Mobile G1. Some people simply love Google, others like Android or simply want an OpenSource OS. Me? I like my phone to be versatile enough to do almost anything. My wife thinks it’s a bit ridiculous that I check the Android Market a few times a day. What can I say, I must be addicted.

It’s been really a week since Google opened the floodgates, unleashing priced apps onto the Android market. Within that time there, more than 200 new priced apps have shown up, but something’s missing. There are a lot of useful apps out there, but I just get the feeling that there is still a huge void that app developers have yet to fill.

So what’s missing for you? Let us know. I’m sure we all have a dream app on our wish list that we’re hoping will get release on the Android Market.

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New Twitter Feed for HTC Source

February 27, 2009 |

I just want to thank everyone who has started following us on Twitter over the past few weeks.  Unfortunately, I set up my Twitter account with a screen name that I typically use for personal stuff rather than one specifically for HTC Source.  So, I’ve created a new account on Twitter @HTCSource.  If you’re already a follower of my feed, please switch over to the new one.  You don’t have to, it’s for your own safety.  My wife and I are having a baby girl in a few weeks, so unless you want to get updates with baby info and pics, make the switch now!

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HTC Diamond2 and Pro2 to launch under T-Mobile MDA brand

February 25, 2009 |

It’s been about a week since HTC first announced the Touch Diamond2 and the touch Pro2, so it’s only natural that we’re announcing that T-mobile will be picking up the two HTC handsets and slapping on the MDA branding for their European markets. The HTC Touch Diamond2 will be featured as the T-Mobile MDA Compact V, while the HTC Touch Pro2 will take on the name of T-Mobile Vario V. From what we can tell, T-Mobile has not messed with any of the specs, but they are calling the Pro2’s QWERTY keyboard hinge the "kick tail" mechanism. Both phone will be pre-loaded with Opera Mobile 9.5 for a better web experience and will ship with Windows Mobile 6.1 (keep in mind that HTC promised that both these phones will be upgradable to WM 6.5 once it launches). Unfortunately, there’s still no word on price, launch date, or which T-mobile markets in Europe will be seeing these phones.

Make sure you hit up the read more link for full specs of the MDA Vario V and MDA Compact V

Source: WindowsForDevices

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HTC Magic shows it’s face on FCC’s website

February 24, 2009 |

HTC Magic gets FCC approval
Our good friends over at Engadget have spotted the new Android powered HTC Magic on the FCC’s website. There was a little excitement the other day when Google flashed a T-Mobile branded Magic during a tech demo, but this doesn’t seem to fit the mold. T-Mobile’s 1700MHz AWS radio frequency is missing for now, but that does no mean we will not see the HTC Magic in the U.S. any time soon. The current G1 sports a few different variations for the European and U.S. markets, so why shound’t the Magic? HTC’s confidentiality request to the FCC is keeping any images of the HTC Magic under wraps until March 16, but I’m sure everyone here has already seen images of the Magic already.

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A few details we missed

February 24, 2009 |

Ok, maybe we didn’t really miss all these details, but simply mentioned them in passing. We went through HTC’s press event again from last week and thought we’d share what came to light the second time through.

Push Internet: HTC announced that they will be offering push internet service with the Touch Diamond2 and the Touch Pro2. We are all familiar with push e-mail and how that works, but push internet is a new concept on cell phones. There’s nothing revolutionary about how it works. Once you set the web pages you want to have pushed to your device, the web browser will download that page at a designated time. Later, when you open your browser, you simply pull up the page and it loads instantly from cache. A great use for this is setting up all your favorite news, blogs, or other sites to be pushed 10 minutes before you wake up in the morning. When your alarm goes off, your favorite sites will be waiting for you rather than you waiting for them to load. The concept and implementation is pretty simple. We’re just surprised that no one has thought of this before.

People Centric Communication: HTC phones allow users to communicate with people in a variety of different ways. We send e-mails text messages, and make calls, but we always have to navigate to different apps to do so. Communicating this way isn’t hard, but finding and sorting through them can be complicated. HTC’s new people centric communication solution now integrates all your communications with your contacts. Simply navigate to your contact and you can easily access all the e-mail, calls, or text messages between you and that contact. Imagine being on the phone with someone and they ask you if you got their e-mail. In the past you would need to hit the start button and open your e-mail client. Once that was done, you would need to navigate though all your e-mails to find the right one. Now, while on a call you will see buttons on the bottom of the screen that can easily sort through all the communications from that person. This new feature is very similar to Synergy on the Palm Pre’s new Web OS. It is very intuitive and should make you and your smartphone just a little smarter.

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Twitter News: HTC Touch Pro2 heading to the U.S. market

February 23, 2009 |

The GSMA Mobile World Congress wrapped up last week, but to finish things off, HTC sent out a few Tweets to make sure everyone was up to date on some of the details of the HTC Touch Pro2 and that it’s slated to ship to North America. I know not everyone loves Twitter as much as we do, so we’ve added the full details of HTC’s Tweets.

Tweet 1: we hope you’ve heard the big news. we’ve been working hard to finish everything in time to launch the Touch Diamond2, Touch Pro2, and Magic
Tweet2: The Touch Diamond2 has a bigger screen, better camera and people-centric features in a stylish metal and gloss shell.
Tweet 3: The Touch Pro2 has a huge 800×480 screen, spacious keyboard and Straight Talk voice features. You asked for a HD+Keyboard.
Tweet 4: HTC follows up the world’s 1st Android phone with the Magic. A smaller phone with sexy curves and a touch screen keyboard.
Tweet 5: You can see all our news from Mobile World Congress, including a video of the diamond2 and Pro2 launch keynote here.
Tweet 6: And to answer the big question on everyone’s mind, the Touch Pro2 will be broadly available in all major markets, including North America
Tweet 7: All, we have not announced a launch date for the Touch Pro2 in any country yet. But we did announce we will start to roll it our in late Q2.

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Google goof reveals the T-mobile G2

February 19, 2009 |

HTC T-Mobile G2
We’ve all seen the Vodafone HTC Magic, but what we weren’t expecting to see this week was the HTC T-Mobile G2. During a presentation this week at the GSMA Mobile World Congress, Google did a little demo to show off their new offline Gmail app on the iPhone and Android. The presented showed the HTC Magic for no one than a few seconds. Ok, nothing new here. We all know Vodafone will be launching it soon in Europe. But as you can see from the shot, the HTC Magic is sporting the T-mobile logo. Since we’re all T-Mobile experts over here, you will notice that the T-Mobile logo only has one dot in front of the "T". So what does that mean to you? Simple, T-Mobile over in Europe sports three small dots in front of the "T" which would make this the T-mobile G2 for the U.S. market. You can check out the video for yourself on YouTube and if you don’t believe us about the logo thing, check out the image of the UK T-Mobile G1 after the jump.

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