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HTC Source | April 25, 2017

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Nick Gray

Nick Gray

Tech enthusiast, Android user and founder of the first HTC blog – Nick Gray has been blogging about HTC phones before most people knew what a smartphone even was. Over the years Nick has owned and tested dozens HTC devices and is constantly flashing new ROMs to his Android phones.

Posts By Nick Gray

more T-mobile G Series phones on the way

January 30, 2009 |

A little over two weeks ago, we learned from leaked HTC documents that their next Android handset will be the HTC Sapphire 2.0. The Sapphire 2.0 was rumored to be T-Mobile’s successor for the T-mobile G1. Until now, we still had not heard any new from T-Mobile on the topic until Senior VP Engineering and Operations for T-Mobile, Neville Ray, dropped this quote:

Our primary focus is consumer-based devices. As the year progresses there will be a significant number of HSPA-capable smart phones. We will be launching more G series phones and other products. You will see us launch a data card product. This will be happening in the coming weeks and months.

There’s still nothing specific or any confirmation that the HTC Sapphire 2.0 will be T-Mobile’s next android handset. We’ll just have to do a little more digging to get to the bottom of all this.

Thanks to AndroidGuys for the tip.

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HTC T-Mobile Shadow now on sale for $199

January 28, 2009 |

T-mobile Shadow

Launch day is finally here for the new HTC made T-Mobile Shadow. the new Windows Mobile 6.1 handset is available in white mind and black burgundy for $349.99, but if you are willing to sign your life away on a two year contract, T-mobile is willing to hack off $100 and then give you an additional $50 mail in rebate, taking your total cost down to $199.99. The T-Mobile Shadow weighs in at 5.3 ounces, and measures 2.1 x 4.1 x 0.6 inches. Its 1100 mAh Lithium Ion battery should hold you over for 7 hours of talk time or 7 days of standby. The T-Mobile Shadow is the first Windows Mobile device to support HotSpot calls over WiFi. I’m not sure about you, but paying $200 for a non-touch screen smart phone seems a bit pricey for these days. Granted, T-mobile is not requiring customers to sign up for a data plan with the Shadow as they do for T-Mobile G1 customers.

We have a few more shots of the T-mobile Shadow after the break. Enjoy.

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Fennec aka Firefox Mobile to be released on HTC Touch Pro

January 27, 2009 |

According to Mozilla’s blog, Fennec is scheduled to bereleased the first week or February. The Mozilla team has chosen the HTC Touch Pro as their first test device for their new mobile browser. Fennec is already in Alpha 2 stage and sound like it should be stable enough for a limited demo. Unfortunately there’s no word on when the mobile Firefox browser will be rolled out to other windows Mobile handsets, but I’m sure we’ll be able to spot it on a few different phones by the time MWC roller around.

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G1 multi-touch hack now available to the public

January 26, 2009 |

It looks like we will finally get our chance to test out multi-touch on our G1. Luke Hutchinson has finally released a demo version of his software that gives users the multi touch functionality and a few modded apps on their G1 that can take advantage of the new input feature. Keep in mind though that you will need to get root access in order for this hack to work. If you’re willing to take the risk, multi-touch seems like a good reason to hack your G1.

Check out the story here and get the hack on Luke Hutchinson’s blog

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Video walkthrough of HTC Footprints

January 22, 2009 |

I think this is a first for HTC. They have actually provided their own video walkthrough of the new HTC Footprints software that is on the new HTC Touch Cruise. So sit back and relax as an HTC engineer takes you around Taipei and demonstrates the functionality that HTC Footprints adds to the Touch Cruise.

One of the neat features is that the HTC Touch Cruise automatically switched to navi-panel mode once it is placed into the car kit holder. This should make a lot of people happy since they will not have to fidget around with small touch screen icons to get their phone to display GPS info.

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HTC Iolite launches as HTC Touch Cruise

January 22, 2009 |

HTC Touch Cruise FootprintsIt’s always a good morning when we wake up and see an e-mail from HTC’s PR company. Typically this indicated an imminent product launch or some new features on an old phone. For weeks we have seen images pop up all over the net of the HTC Iolite. We’ve hinted that the phone would get a name change and indeed it has. HTC has chosen to launch the Iolite as the HTC Touch Cruise. That’s not a typo; HTC is simply choosing to recycle the name from their original Touch Cruise that launched in late summer of 2007. Like the original Touch Cruise, HTC’s new handset will feature turn by turn GSP navigation, but will also be HTC’s first phone to feature HTC Footprints. This new HTC software will allow users to tag their pictures that they take with GPS coordinates, audio clips, and notes. Users will have easy access to HTC Footprints as HTC has simply added it to the TouchFLO interface on the Cruise. The handset will be running on Windows Mobile 6.1 and will have a 3.2MP camera, 2.8” touch screen, 512MB of ROM, 256MB of RAM, MicroSD card slot, and 1100mAh batter.

HTC will also be bringing the HTC Touch Cruise state side by spring as an unlocked device with 850/1900 HSDPA bands and will be selling for $500-$600. We’ve included full specs a more pictures after the break.


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HTC Sapphire 2.0 to be second HTC Android device

January 21, 2009 |

It’s been eight days since we showed off the full list of upcoming 2009 phones from HTC. Though we have a lot of faith in HTC, I personally was not expecting to see a live picture of the Sapphire 2.0 this soon. Since the Android powered handset is expected to launch on T-Mobile networks across the globe later this year, it has already been dubbed the G2. But don’t expect this to be just like its predecessor. The HTC Sapphire 2.0 has been put on a diet and has lost the QWERTY keyboard that was featured on the G1. This only means that the G2 will be sporting "cupcake" features, including an on screen keyboard for text entry. Details are still a bit slim at the moment, so we’ll just have to sit back and wait till be hear more.

In the mean time, let’s hope to see a few more leaked spy shots of other HTC devices.

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