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HTC Source | January 22, 2018

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HTC U11 Plus, U11 Life fully revealed in new video

HTC U11 Plus, U11 Life fully revealed in new video

A  German journalist has posted a video of the HTC U11 Plus and U11 Life. The video was likely recorded in Germans at a pre-briefing event for German press – ahead of the November 2 official product unveiling.

The major thing to note is that the design of both phones matches what we’ve seen in the leaks so far. As expected, the HTC U11 Life is an Android One device. The phone is running on Android Oreo with the same Pixel launcher that is currently being used on the newest Android One devices from other manufacturers.

But you’re likely more interested in the HTC U11 Plus. The device in the video does feature a translucent glass panel on the back and an 18:9 aspect ratio display with on-screen navigational buttons which include Home, Back, Multitasking, Power, and Notification shade. This matches the customization options the HTC has had in the past for on-screen nav buttons. The launcher on the U11 Plus is significantly different from what HTC gave us on the U11. Users can not swipe up anywhere on the home screen to open the app drawer or swipe down to pull down the notification shade. The app icons also feature background colors. From the looks of it, it seems HTC is conforming to the new round icon guidelines that Google developed a while back.

On top of that, Edge Sense has a new carousel launcher feature which can be activated with a long squeeze. From what we can tell, users can add whichever apps or system settings they want to the carousel.

The video does show the camera briefly, but we don’t understand German enough to decipher if there are any new features which would make the U11 Plus’ camera better than the U11’s.

You can watch the full video here, but HTC will likely have it pulled soon. We’ve captured a handful of screenshots as well to give you an idea of what the two devices look like in case you aren’t able to see it in time.


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  1. Guillermo

    Even for German speaking people, his Swiss accent is really heavy. Regarding the U11+ camera he said that he hasn’t been able to try it out properly, because the software wasn’t completely done yet.

    • Guillermo

      BTW, the price is 849 Swiss Francs

  2. … that’s one nice looking device

  3. Is it possible and if so, how can anyone install cameras and listening devices in your home without you letting them in your house or if they got in unknowingly? This is a tradition house.