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HTC Source | January 22, 2018

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HTC shows off U11 Plus’s edge-to-edge display in latest teaser

HTC shows off U11 Plus’s edge-to-edge display in latest teaser

Early this morning, HTC released a second teaser image of the HTC U11 Plus. While the first image (shown below) gave us a look at the back of the phone, this new one shows off a portion of the front – giving us our first real look at the U11 Plus’ edge-to-edge display. The display itself doesn’t go to the very edge of the phone and there’s still a small bezel at the bottom of the screen, but it’s easy to see that this phone will have the highest screen-to-body ratio we’ve ever seen from HTC.

When this second image hit the web, we went back to look at the first image that HTC shared a few days ago and noticed something curious – the glass on the back of the phone is transparent. We not sure if HTC will offer a transparent glass-backed option for consumers to buy, the clear glass clearly shows a wireless charging coil below the HTC logo. HTC has featured wireless charging on a handful of its phones in the past, but none the flagship devices from HTC have had the technology built in since wireless charging doesn’t work with phones that are wrapped in aluminum.

The exposure has been bumped up in the image below so that you can better see the interior components of the U11 Plus beneath the glass.

With all the drama surrounding the Pixel 2 XL’s lackluster display, we’re eager to see what the public’s reaction to the HTC U11 Plus will be once it’s officially unveiled on November 2.

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  1. Glyn Hall

    Don’t you think it could be an interim HTC U11 Life with minimal bezels and mid range cpu?
    Generally at this time of the year HTC launch an experimental version of their next flagship.
    Competing with the original U11 would knock the bottom out of the resale value!

    • Honestly, HTC doesn’t care about the resale value of the HTC U11. The company’s goal is to sell more phones. For years, HTC would release a flagship device in the spring and then again in the fall. The U11 is already five months old now, so there’s no reason why they shouldn’t deliver another flagship-tier device. It’s what all the other OEMs so as well.

      That being said, we are expecting the HTC U11 Life which will likely be a mid-range Android One device which will compete with the Xiaomi A1 and the Moto X4.

  2. Jorge Costa

    I read somewhere there are new colors and one of them is black transparent.

    • That would be a great idea. A while ago (more than 5 years ago), HTC used red and yellow on the inside of their phones to highlight the design work that they did on the inside as well as the outside. They could start a new trend of transparent phones which show off the inner workings of the device.

    • Hello

      Where did you read about that?

  3. Someone somewhere is definitely going to complain about that “bezel” because there are just folks out there who are irrational about the subject.

    • I completely agree. A lot of people complain simply because they have nothing better to do.

  4. Robert

    Do what’s the screen size of the plus?

    • jihad