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HTC Source | February 18, 2018

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Android app of the week: Cupid

Android app of the week: Cupid

This week’s week’s app is on the stage to make users take their mind off the hot pursuit of success and self-improvement. The market is overloaded with apps helping you to be more effective, more punctual, and more self-conscious. Trying to achieve the high standards for oneself, people lack time to have fun and to focus on their personal life.

The Cupid Dating app is here to fix that. Thanks to its efforts, users may get 2-in-1 pleasure comprising fun and the quest for love. Besides, it easily spreads this idea within the society regardless any conventions and prejudices. Cupid provides a virtual space for people of different nationalities, religions, marital statuses, races, heights and etc. There’s a  little people dating category if you’re short and are looking for someone of the same stature, or check out the interracial dating category if you’re looking for someone who is different from you. Everyone can have an equal chance to find the soul mate or romantic adventure with fun!

Download the Cupid Dating App from the Play Store and you’ll discover a new world of online dating. It allows users to get to know each other better via a quiz section, browsing profiles and sending flirty winks. It gives keys to the hearts of people you would never dare to break up the ice with. Besides, you may know these people in real life and can find it with the help of the location-based algorithm. The wink sent to a person you have been into may put you in the spotlight and become the beginning of big love.

Not only location but the same interests are often the glue that can hold people together. Though Cupid Dating App contains the word ‘dating’, it also helps you to find the like-minded people who speak the same language and share your passion in your area and over the world. Cupid is always glad to find such kind of a person for you and start communicating.

You won’t have to pay anything for creating your profile. It will take several minutes to fill in your name, gender, e-mail, password, location, interests and unload the best picture of you. Let’s agree this stage has nothing to do with stress. So do other stages like tapping “like’ button, winking, searching and joining chat rooms that are accessible at any time. All these free features are just a part of a fun game to enjoy.

The experience of searching love can be positive and fun. Cupid never grows tired of proving that it is one of the leaders in the online dating industry. More than 8 million people are using Cupid and download the app on their phones. They always know that the quest for love is not going to be boring, stressful and complicated!

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Hannah is a freelance writer who loves everything Android. She used to work for a magazine but discovered last year that she can make a living out of working freelance for clients over at oDesk. In her free time, she likes practicing Karate with her 3 brothers.