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HTC Source | February 18, 2018

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HTC’s July revenue is in: the U11 may already be losing its momentum

HTC’s July revenue is in: the U11 may already be losing its momentum

The numbers are in and it looks like the HTC U11 may already be losing its steam. HTC has just posted its revenue figures for the month of July. For the month, HTC’s recorded revenue was NT$6.19 billion with total revenue for the year reaching NT$36.86 billion. HTC revenue for the month of July is the second highest number we’ve seen from the company in 2017, but it’s 10.11% lower than the NT$6.89 billion in revenue that HTC reports for the month of June and 1.97% lower than what was brought in last year during the month of June. Sure, HTC had a few additional devices in stores last year at this time, but HTC has publicly stated that sales of the U11 were tracking higher than last year’s HTC 10 and even 2015’s One M9.

It’s not uncommon to see sales drop off a little during the second month that a phone is on the market, but based on the positive coverage we were seeing by other outlets, the launch of the 128GB HTC U11 in the US and the various promotions HTC has been running, we were expecting revenue to match or even exceed June’s.

One piece of the puzzle that we’re still waiting on is HTC’s final Q2 earnings report. Monthly revenue growth is very important, but HTC’s real goal is to return to profitability.

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