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HTC Source | February 18, 2018

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Image shows off the 2017 Pixel XL with it’s ‘squeezable’ metal design

Image shows off the 2017 Pixel XL with it’s ‘squeezable’ metal design

The launch of Google’s 2017 Pixel devices isn’t expected until sometime in October, but we have a new rumor which gives us great insight into the design of the upcoming Pixel XL.

The image above says it all. The new Pixel XL is said to feature a 6-inch display sourced from LG with an 18:9 aspect ratio and 3D glass which wraps around the front of the phone – similar to that of the HTC U11. The metal frame has curved edged all around and the glass panel on the back isn’t as tall as it was last year, excluding the rear-mounted fingerprint sensor. But there’s one feature which can’t really be seen in the image. Like the HTC U11, the upcoming Pixel XL is said to have a squeezable metal frame which will allow users to interact with the Google Assistant and other functions of the phone.

While these details may sound great for HTC fans, the device in question is rumored to be built by LG, not HTC. We’re still not 100% sold on this aspect of the rumor, but it’s been cited several times now from a variety of sources. The fact that this latest rumor claims that the new phone will have a feature that’s currently only present in the HTC U11 makes us even more skeptical. HTC and Google have never publicly revealed the details of their agreement, but it’s been rumored multiple times that HTC would be building the Pixel phones for Google for two or more years.

On a personal note, I actually like the LG G6. It’s been my backup phone since it was unveiled at Mobile World Congress. But the main reason I carry the phone with me is because of its wide-angle camera lens which captures incredible photos. I’m sure the LG would be able to build a really good Pixel XL for Google, but I honestly think HTC would deliver a much better product.

Source: Android Police

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