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HTC Source | February 18, 2018

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How to add wireless charging to the HTC U11 or any other smartphone

How to add wireless charging to the HTC U11 or any other smartphone

The HTC U11 is an incredible phone, but it’s missing one important piece of tech that many have come to love over the years – wireless charging. Since the HTC U11 has a glass panel on the back instead of the aluminum unibody HTC has been using on its flagship devices since the launch of the original HTC One (M7), we’re not sure why wireless charging wasn’t included.

Fortunately, there’s an easy fix to add wireless charging to the U11, or any smartphone that doesn’t have wireless charging already built in. All you need is a Qi Wireless Charging receiver which plugs into your phone’s USB power port, a nice case to hold it securely in place (and hide it) and a compatible Qi wireless charger for your desk, night stand or car.

Take a look at the video below to see what the process actually looks like.

If you’re like to add wireless charging to your smartphone, the links below will help. Make sure you buy a Wireless Charging Receiver with the correct microUSB connection. The HTC U11 uses a USB C connection, but most older HTC device use the microUSB (narrow interface down) connection.  If you happen to have a non-HTC phone, you’ll likely need one with the microUSB (narrow interface up) connection.

Buy a Wireless Charging Receiver

Buy a Qi Wireless Charger

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  1. Andre Mendes

    And simply hide the great look and design of the smartphone? What’s the point of those changing colors and “liquid glass”, then?

  2. Domain Rider

    If the wireless charging receiver doesn’t have a pass-through USB connection, it’s only useful to people who never use their USB port for anything else. Otherwise, you have to keep unplugging it to use the USB port and plugging it back in for wireless charging. Easier just to use the standard charging cable…