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HTC Source | January 16, 2018

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The potential of the HTC Vive drives HTC’s stock price up

The potential of the HTC Vive drives HTC’s stock price up

HTC’s stock price rose 4.60 percent today, closing at NT$72.80. While we’d like to tell you that brisk sales of the new HTC U11 were responsible for the uptick on HTC’s stocks, the culprit was something entirely different – the HTC Vive.

Now, HTC didn’t share any new information regarding how many Vive systems have been sold, but the company did wrap up its Vive X “Demo Day” in Shanghai, giving potential investors a look at what VR startups are dreaming up and how they are using the HTC Vive.

While HTC hasn’t been selling a lot of phones lately, the company is betting on VR to be a huge driver for future growth. The market is relatively small right now since the Vive costs $800 and requires a pretty expensive computer to work, but the cost will come down significantly in the next few years, making HTC’s full-immersion VR experience offered by the Vive a lot more accessible to the general public.

Based on what they saw, investors recognized that HTC’s stock price was undervalued. Hopefully, the stock will gain some additional momentum if sales of the HTC U11 continue to move in the right direction.

Source: Focus Taiwan

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