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HTC Source | February 19, 2018

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HTC U11 demand exceeding supply in the US – phone sells out on

HTC U11 demand exceeding supply in the US – phone sells out on

Well, that was quick. The HTC U11 is no longer available from in the US, less than 12 hours after sales of the HTC U11 opened up on HTC’s website in the US, stock of the phone was completely depleted. For now, it looks like you will have to wait 2-4 weeks before HTC get another shipment in from Taiwan.

The good news is that Amazon and Sprint still appear to have stock of the HTC U11.

It’s not clear why HTC’s website sold out of the U11 so quickly. They could have received more pre-orders than expected and simply were not able to get another shipment in before yesterday. What is clear is that HTC underestimated the demand for the HTC U11 in the US. It’s definitely a good thing for perception of the HTC U11, but HTC will need to work hard to get the phone back in stock. Some consumers don’t mind waiting a week or two when a device is out of stock, but many will give up if they have to wait a full month.

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  1. Russell

    I am still waiting to see a coloured one in Australia, at all, anywhere.
    I’d buy one right now if:
    1. I could see the colours in the real world so I could pick one, and ;
    2. Find one to buy.

    • Are any Australian service providers selling the HTC U11? From what it looks like, the phone is only available in silver and black in australia, at the moment.

      • Matt

        Telstra in Australia are only offering it in the Black from the 4th July.

  2. Aaaaa