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HTC Source | January 18, 2018

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HTC U leak shows off the front and back of the phone

HTC U leak shows off the front and back of the phone

If you’re wanting to know what the upcoming HTC U will look like, you’ve come to the right place. Evan Blass has shared a a leaked photo which shows the front and back sides of the HTC U. While we can make out the single camera with its dual-LED flash and the fingerprint sensor, the other design details are a bit hard to spot since the image shows a glossy black device.

From what we can tell, the HTC U will look similar to the HTC U Ultra and HTC U Play with a glass back panels covering the front and back of the phone. The difference would be that the HTC U would have gesture control which are detected by the phone’s aluminum frame. Hopefully we will see a few more images of the device before it is officially unveiled on May 16.

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  1. André Mendes

    That’s it! No HTC 11 for me!

  2. hype

    looks terrible. hope its not the real deal.

  3. Thomas_dk

    In the video it clearly shows that there are no buttons on the right side og the frame. That makes sense since the device should have a pressure sensitive frame. So this image might not be the right one.

  4. Troy Martin

    Not it…u can see it clearly has buttons on the side! New phone in the teaser does not! U can’t do the side thing if the buttons are in the way!

  5. Jeans


    Metal body
    Audio amp
    Stereo front speakers
    Etc etc.

    All gone

    Now samsung with AKG with 3.5
    I am not going to buy it for 2 reasons.
    Easy to damage and price not worth in the end.

  6. TJ

    Glass back…. Stupid…. HTC is goin backwards from everything that made them who they are….As an HTC fan since the Og Evo I have owned every device except M7 and M9. Get back to durable badass looking phones…. The iPhone look is outdated….