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HTC Source | February 19, 2018

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This HTC U photo is likely a fake

This HTC U photo is likely a fake

A photo claiming to show off the device of the HTC U (aka the HTC Ocean) has made an appearance on Slashleaks. While the image depicts a smartphone that looks similar to the HTC U Play and U Ultra, the device is question looks a little off.

On closer inspection, you can see that the “leak” is really a poor Photoshop job using the HTC U Play. The length and width dimensions of the two phones are identical. The image shows the HTC U doesn’t have a camera bump, but the outline of the camera can still be seem from the side of the phone, showing that it way simply chopped off. The bottom of the device looks slightly different as well, featuring speaker grills on either side. The problem is that the outline of only one speaker can be seen from the front angle (the same one that’s only available on the U Play).



HTC U Play

And then there’s the HTC logo which is positioned below the display. We used to see that a lot on HTC devices, but the front logo was removed on the HTC 10 and isn’t there on the HTC U Play of the HTC U Ultra. We’re not sure what HTC’s plans are, but we doubt they would bring back the tacky placement of the logo for their flagship device.

And to close things out, the phone in the image doesn’t have any antenna lines or the odd circles in the metal frame which we first saw in the HTC Ocean sizzle reel (video below). It would be amazing if HTC found a way to get rid of antenna lines in a metal frame, we doubt that they have.


There’s a good chance that the HTC U will look similar to the device depicted in this photo, but we’re 100% certain that this is a fake. Do you think this image of the HTC U is legitimate? Share your thoughts in the comments.

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  1. Daniel

    well Evan Blass confirmed that the phone in the video , is not the real deal , so that’s that. also I don’t know about the render but in that link, another photo was present, a real live photo , claiming to be the real HTC U , surprisingly it was different from this render, the front camera placement was different and the HTC Logo was missing, but according to that Taiwanese forum , HTC implemented the finger print sensor under the display and also the sense edge was present too

    • I’m not claiming that the phone in the HTC Ocean video is what the device will look like. Simply pointing out that the device in the video shows unique circles present in the metal frame which are likely needed for edge sense to operate.

  2. Sam King

    As much as I like showing off my phone, i like to protect them too. It’s gonna be tough finding a case for a phone with side gestures

  3. Jeans

    Lets hope its not real thing.

    Samsung also with 3000 battery. Must be how they want us to change devices or sell extra accessories.