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HTC Source | February 21, 2018

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HTC U 11 teaser video shows the phone’s corners, emphasizes the “squeeze”

HTC U 11 teaser video shows the phone’s corners, emphasizes the “squeeze”

The HTC U 11 will officially be unveiled on May 16, but that isn’t stopping HTC from trying to create a little hype about its upcoming smartphone. A new HTC U 11 teaser video has been posted to the company’s YouTube channel, highlighting the fact that the phone will be squeezable. No, the phone won’t be soft, but its metal frame will have embedded sensors which will be able to sense when the phone is squeezed. Users will then be able to perform different actions with the phone based on how they squeeze it, even when the phone’s display is turned off.

If you want get a better idea of how this will work, check out the leaked 29-page presentation which highlights the HTC U 11’s Edge Sense technology.

Watching the video above, you’ll get a quick glimpse of the phone’s design. Specifically, you’ll see a 0.7-second clip which shows one of the HTC U 11’s corners (front and back). Combine that with the two second clip of the phone that we saw when HTC announced its launch date and we can clearly see that the U 11 will look like the most recent leak shared by Evan Blass.

It’s hard to say if the HTC U 11’s design will be differentiated enough to make it stand apart from the HTC U Play and the U Ultra. Those two phone look amazing, but they come off as outdated and drab when bring the LG G6 and the Samsung Galaxy S8 into context.


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