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HTC Source | February 18, 2018

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Google admits some Pixel phones have microphone issues

Google admits some Pixel phones have microphone issues

The Pixel may have been rated as one of the best Android smartphones of 2016, but it looks like the phone isn’t perfect. For a while now, a number of Pixel owners have been complaining that the microphones on their phones haven’t been working properly.

Google and HTC have looked into the issue and discovered two separate issues which seem to affect less than 1% of Pixel phones. These microphone issues not only cut out a person’s voice when on a call, but it also interferes with using Google Assistant and recording video.

Below is a description of the two different microphone issues.

Pixel microphone issues

  1. Faulty solder connection on the audio codec: this issue appears to affect less than 1% of Pixel phones. The defect is considered to be “transient” which means that it gets worse over time, but it can also be triggered by dropping the phone or sitting on it. Google and HTC have corrected the issue and have reinforced the solder connection to the audio codec on Pixel phone manufactured since January.
  2. Defective microphone: this issue is less pervasive than the first, but Google has not revealed what percentage of Pixel phones it affects. This issue has also been addressed and should not affect newer Pixel smartphones.

Replacing your Pixel

While we never like hearing about defects in the smartphones that we buy, the Pixel’s microphones issues are covered under warranty. If you purchased the Pixel directly from Google and are experiencing microphone issues, you can contact Google directly and they will arrange to have your device fixed or replaced.

Those who purchased the Pixel from a service provider or another retailer will need to work with whoever they purchased the phone from in order to have the microphone issue fixed on their Pixel.

If you own the Pixel and have experienced issues with the microphone, leave us a comment below. We want to know if you’re working with Google or your retailer to have the device fixed or replaced and how the process is going.

Source: Google

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