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HTC Source | February 18, 2018

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This is the official HTC U teaser video

This is the official HTC U teaser video

If you’re not already aware, the HTC U is coming. Since there are new leaks regarding the HTC U Ultra’s specs and an image which shows the device may have two displays, HTC thought it would be good to distract us with an official teaser video.

The clip doesn’t reveal anything about the HTC U’s specs or design, but the imagery shows that the company’s focus with the new phone will you U (you). If that sounds familiar, that’s because HTC’s first big promotional campaign was called “YOU.” Back then, HTC wanted to stress the point that its phones were a personal extension of who you are. The video also reminds us that the HTC U event will be streamed live on January 12 at 4 pm GMT.

We have no idea as to how HTC is planning to market the HTC U Ultra and any other devices associated with it, but we’d be really excited if HTC goes back to its roots to deliver a marketing campaign which shows how HTC’s phones allow consumers to express their individuality. This also ties in perfectly with the HTC CMF Kitchen video which shows off the mysterious HTC Vive smartphone.

The video below is from HTC’s original YOU promotional campaign from 2009.

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