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HTC Source | January 21, 2018

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HTC Ocean Note could launch as the HTC U Ultra on January 12

HTC Ocean Note could launch as the HTC U Ultra on January 12

A little over a week ago, HTC announced that it will be unveiling a new smartphone on January 12. Besides a vague “U” reference (which is the “C” from the HTC logo turned on its side), the HTC announcement didn’t offer any clues as to what the upcoming device has in store.

While the HTC X10 is expected to show up sometime in January, the latest rumor claims that the HTC Ocean Note is the device which will be making an appearance on January 12. Naturally, the Ocean Note codename will be dropped and is now expected to make its debut as the HTC U Ultra. The rumor also claims that the HTC U Ultra will feature a 6-inch display and will not come with a 3.5mm headphone jack.

It may seem odd that HTC would wait until the week after CES to unveil the HTC U Ultra, but the timing would actually work in HTC’s favor. With hundreds of new product announcements scheduled for this week, the HTC U Ultra would simply get lost in the noise. Saving the announcement for the 12th will allow HTC to control the new cycle after the excitement of CES has died down. For HTC’s save, we’re hoping the HTC U Ultra is worth the wait.

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