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HTC Source | January 18, 2018

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November was HTC’s third-best month in 2016

November was HTC’s third-best month in 2016

For the month of November, HTC was able to pull in $240 million (7,670,000,000 NT$) in revenue. The figure is 25% lower than what HTC posted in November of 2015, but November was also HTC’s third-best month in 2016.

While year-over-year declines in revenue are never good news, HTC has dramatically reduced overhead costs and should be capable of making a profit if it can increase sales of its smartphones and VR system. Based on our crude calculations, HTC’s break-even point lies somewhere between $750-$800 million in revenue per quarter. The company isn’t likely to hit that number this quarter, but it could easily manage $715 million even if revenue for December falls to $220 million. If it does, HTC would lose $35-40 million for the quarter, as opposed to the $55.8 million it lost in Q3 in which it posted $689 million in revenue.

The fourth quarter has typically not been friendly to HTC. However, HTC has seen a nice bump in revenue thanks to the introduction of Google’s Pixel phones. Google’s Pixel and Pixel XL have been very popular options in the US, but availability is still limited to a handful of markets across the globe. If Google decides to introduce its Pixel phones to more markets in Q1 of 2017, HTC could manage to squeeze out a small profit in the first quarter of 2017 – before the launch of the HTC 11.



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