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HTC Source | February 19, 2018

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CLOSED: Phone giveaway: HTC One A9 (Unlocked – Deep Garnet)

CLOSED: Phone giveaway: HTC One A9 (Unlocked – Deep Garnet)

UPDATE: Congrats to our winner, Ian H. from Colorado! Thanks to everyone that entered and we hope to offer more exciting phone giveaways in the future. Thanks HTC!

Our friends at HTC have hooked HTC Source up with a sleek, unlocked HTC One A9 in Deep Garnet to giveaway to one of our many readers. We’re excited to have this opportunity to reward a lucky HTC fan through the original HTC fan blog and we wish the best of luck to all who enter.

The HTC One A9 was announced late last year and we did an excellent review of this phone in December; complete with video review. Specs of the One A9 include:

  • Android 6.0
  • Qualcomm Snapdragon 617, Octa-core 64 bit processor
  • 3 GB RAM
  • 32 GB internal storage
  • microSD slot for extended storage up to 2 TB
  • 13 MP rear camera
  • 5″ Full HD 1080p screen

This is a giveaway of the HTC One A9 (US unlocked model) wrapped in Deep Garnet. The unlocked model works with activated SIM cards on T-Mobile, AT&T, and Sprint networks.

How to enter: 

All you have to do to enter the HTC One A9 giveaway is leave a comment below (make sure we have a valid email address to contact you if you are our randomly selected winner and share this giveaway with your friends on a social network of your choice. Your comment can be about anything, but if you’re looking for an idea, we’d like to hear what your favorite feature of the One A9 is.

Need some help sharing this giveaway on Twitter, tap the image below?

Tweet: Enter to win the HTC One A9 on @HTCSource, now thru FEB 16th.

Entry is limited to the US since this phone will work on most carriers here and maybe one day with Verizon. The giveaway period begins as soon as this post goes live and will run until 11:59 PM 16 FEB, that’s a full week for entries. Check back here at the end of the entry period and we’ll post an update with the the winner.

About Andy Medders

With over a decade of IT experience working in and for the US Army, Andy has helped implement pilot programs using Android devices at work and helps others learn how to turn a smartphone into a tool for getting things done. He started a blog about HTC as an outlet to share HTC news without spamming his friends on common social networks, but decided to combine forces with HTCSource to have more of an impact on the HTC community. Andy has had an HTC in his pocket since the days of the T-Mobile MDA.


  1. Tom Craig

    Mmm the garnet is definitely a pretty god looking phone

  2. Denard Jacox Jr

    Crosses fingers my mom would love this!!!!

  3. Raf

    Good looking phone !

  4. LuisTerrazas

    Woohoo HTC!

  5. Cheryl T

    Love the colour and the micro-SD additional storage!

  6. Noor AL-Hassan

    WOW i’am in .

  7. Tyler Martin

    I love the fingerprint scanner.

  8. Navjot singh

    Love HTC phones

  9. Munchy

    Yeah that fingerprint scanner.

  10. tomb77

    HTC One A9 has stats like the Denver Broncos defense in SB50, true winner.

  11. Brian Carpenter

    Looks Sharp

  12. kibuuka micheal owen

    The improvement in the camera from the 5mp of m8 to 13mp is killer

  13. Deveal2014

    I’m just a huge die hard HTC fan & I would absolutely love this device .

  14. Nav Agarwal

    A beautiful Elegant device is this for all the Smart people out there 💟 #HtcOneA9

  15. Bret Smith

    This device is rated well. I’ve wanted to use it for so long. I need an unlocked device specifically and being a huge HTC fan. I’d absolutely love this.

  16. skizzoid

    I love that it’s unlocked, gets quick software updates, and runs a near-AOSP version of Android.

  17. MITM

    Oh man, I really need this baby; my HTC One M8’s charging port got fried and now it charges when it feels like it. I’ve been stuck with this crappy Samsung GS4, so the beautiful A9 would be an amazing upgrade.

  18. Mohammad Kutaish

    HTC, im waiting for your gift, im using an HTC 816Dual Sim and loving it my only complain that i can’t change the lock screen wallpaper, i wanted to upgrade to The A9 Since before but cant im in college and can’t afford a new A9.

  19. I’d love to get my hands on one, giveaway’s are great!

  20. Hameed

    I love Htc

  21. Sujay Kadrekar

    Great giveaway guys! Maybe next time an International giveaway. 🙂

  22. Paul Gaston

    I love garnet anything.. this phone rocks!

  23. Usman Darr

    not sure why I’m posting this, i never win anything

  24. michael

    Purdy please

  25. morten ensrud

    I would like to win but I am from Norway

  26. Micah Madru

    The flat design of the device. It’s easier to hold than the m8 / m9

  27. jeffry schenker

    I love this phone i am a big fan of HTC

  28. Ismail Akram

    I like this color, I like the idea of fast update. Which so far A9 doing great

  29. Georgi Dimitrov

    I love that the HTC one A9 has an AMOLED display!!!

  30. JayCA

    I think the best feature on this phone is the audio output. And truth be told, this new color of deep garnet is amazing. I’m glad HTC got adventurous with a new color!

  31. Jerith Weru

    Bummer about the entry limited to the US only would have loved to get my hands on it.
    I love the variety of colours HTC went with in regards to the A9, you’re spoilt for choice .
    I’m kinda bored of my M8 and wouldn’t mind getting my hands on something new ..

  32. Husain Abdullatif

    Great product and hope HTC continue developing

  33. Kiriakos Moisidis

    Amazing Color…I Want it really bad!!

  34. Matthew Roddam

    Would love this! Always wanted an unlocked HTC phone!

  35. Steve Hopper

    This would be an amazing phone to own. I’d like to try it myself, thanks for the chance, Andy!

  36. JH

    Just jumped from my M8 to a Note 5. I like it but do miss Sense and how easy it is to root HTC phones.

  37. … love the color of this device. #TeamHTC all day

  38. This would be the perfect device to get my wife to give up her iPhone 5s. I’ve been trying to get her to HTC for years!

  39. Deeshan Gunawardena

    I love HTC

  40. j4m3z

    I like the superb display and solid build quality.

  41. Bryan

    I had the HTC one M7 for the longest time and it ran great! This one looks like it will be better!

  42. Jeff Stevens

    love the amount of storage plus camera too and color. also the micro sd card

  43. RR

    Like the fingerprint reader, 3GB of RAM, OIS, the color, and the size (enough with the phablets already). Miss the BoomSound speakers, but maybe they figure out a combo that keeps them along with the fingerprint reader on the M9 successor?

  44. Harold Goldner

    Tested this baby on Sprint last summer. Very nice handset. A great win for whomever takes it (me included).

  45. Hector E. Gaxiola

    Love HTC.. I heard the fingerprint scanner is the fastest in the land

  46. GuidoConrad

    I’m still rocking the One M7, I love it. Battery life is not what it used to, sadly, but I’m waiting for the One M10. This could be a great replacement for my M7

  47. Shimon Das

    I’ve used HTC One A9 in the past and it is simply amazing! #ShimonApproves 😀

    • Munchy

      If #ShimonApproves, must be a damn good phone! 😉

  48. David Guija Alcaraz

    I own one and it’s amazing how fast and smooth it is! Really love above M8 or M9. And the camera rocks!

  49. Hilda S Laboy Plana

    I want to win it so I can test that camera… Currently own an HTC M9

  50. Magdalena Zepeda

    I loved all the features of HTC, had the 7 and 8 but sadly T-Mobile didn’t have the 9 so I had to go with a different phone and I missed it terrible

  51. Alain Attias

    Always been a HTC fan as all their phones have been great. The design and functionality just works with each phone!


    unlike the others i really like the design of this phone

  53. Good_Ole_Pinocchio

    The fingerprint sensor being on the front. After using the ’round the back scanners recently it isn’t as intuitive.

  54. HTC makes the best androids you can buy!

  55. Robert White

    Can’t beat the storage

  56. Brian

    A9 looks pretty sweet.

  57. Draper

    The fingerprint sensor on the front AND the fact you only have to tap it to wake the device (instead of pressing it down until it clicks) seals the deal for me. Nicely done HTC.

  58. taiwanese2001

    I actually really like the design of this phone, and it would be great if they could put BoomSound on it

  59. Pina Colada Express

    Dat red though.. 😀

  60. Robert Carlos

    This is my favorite color option.

  61. eriklee

    I’ve been an HTC fan for years. The A9 is a beautifully executed phone and I would love to own one. Garnet is also my birth month stone 😀

  62. sphinx780

    This seems to be the perfect evolution of the m7

  63. js

    Great size and slimness

  64. dtwhsieh

    Improved camera, fast and accurate finger print scanner, and premium aluminum exterior. I want the HTC One A9!

  65. Andrew Leonard

    I have had an M7 and am currently running an M9. Love them both. I need to get my wife on the HTC plan. She’s “stuck in another Galaxy”. 😉

  66. rsmth

    I would love to win HTC One A9!

  67. irvin792

    I would love to try out the audio chops on this beautiful phone, plus my wife needs a new phone …… Her Lumia 1520 is breaking and WM10 is not so hot…..

  68. Miguel A

    13 MP rear camera

  69. David Opoulos

    I had the HTC one M7 and loved it! I have always been a HTC fan boy and am looking forward to the M10 because it should be out right around the time I am able to upgrade!

  70. Waazzupppp

    Hook me up! Who wouldn’t love a NEW A9!!!

  71. Mark Washington

    You guys keep up the great work in providing source information on HTC products. I didn’t know that the unlock version works on Sprint . That’s pretty cool!

  72. Taylor Washington

    Need to replace the 3.5 year ol Razr M I’ve been using since I lost my M7 in a cab….pls

  73. A beauty of a device.

  74. lee mckoen

    Wow the color is amazing!

  75. Phillip Morales

    This is such a fantastic phone I would really love to get it and replace my mother’s lame cracked (of course) IPhone. Or give it to my girlfriend she has always wanted this beauty 😊

  76. Matthew

    I used to have the HTC mytouch , would be nice to try one of their phones again.

  77. Dakkydaniel

    Us?? Oh man! 😞 😢

  78. Deborah Gardner

    What a gorgeous, powerful phone! HTC is an amazing brand!

  79. Jeremy Syddall

    Bought a brand new M9 while backpacking through Europe after my M8 was stolen. . . I absolutely fell in love with it! That is, until I got back to the States and realized that my days of having high-speed mobile data were over:-( Word of advice – don’t buy a new smartphone while overseas unless you thoroughly do your research! Even if they do tell you that it’s “unlocked” in the store. . . It sure would nice to win a free A9 to replace my now 3G-only M9 from the Czech Rep. (OPJA100). . . Wish me luck!

  80. Randolph Ham

    Using HTC since 2008. Phones are simply great and you can actually feel the “Real phone” Quality when holding the devices. #HTCOneA9 you could be mine!

  81. Mohamed S. Ziara

    Great design
    I hate the idea of no more boomsound
    This looks so promissing
    Hope htc woud make it to better adv.
    Hope to see a killer device in 2016

  82. Xavier Reyes

    Would love to give this phone a try, since it was the first besides a Nexus to be released with Marshmallow.

  83. Cody Ratliff

    The light but quality feel of this phone is surprising when you first pick it up. I want it to be my next device.

  84. თამრიკო არავინ

    I would love to own the A9.

  85. Isak

    I’ve had the M7 since oct. 2013. I broke the glass covering the camera a couple of weeks after I bought the phone, but never tried to replace or fix it and it still takes great photos. But the battery is singing its last verses and a new phone could be fun to have, especially if it’s given to me 🙂

  86. marios zoutis

    I wish this giveaway was international! Good luck to the participants! A device worth having!

  87. Andrew Oroceo

    Great phone!! love HTC!!

  88. Chris Oh

    Go A9!

  89. Mark Orr

    I enjoyed my M7 and love my M8, but would consider giving it up for an A9… 😉

  90. Bettie Waithira

    A great fan of the HTC products.Used the HTC one m7,m8 the desire eye the E9+
    all are awesome. cnt wait to use the A9

  91. Jeremy

    I want another HTC phone to be my second Android Phone.

  92. P1X3L

    Very nice HTC source

  93. d.hill

    Would love to replace my M7 with this! Camera sounds awesome

  94. TheTamuza

    I’m all about reppin’ HTC and 2TB of storage?! I would love for this to be my next HTC phone!

  95. Ionut Ciprian

    Great color, and the colour is sublime. It defines it’s slim body. Come here my precious.

  96. carlos garcia

    I’ve always been a fan of HTC fell in love with the m7 but I gotta say the HTC A9 has a great design and looks to me like really good features hope I win good luck to everyone

  97. I really like the HTC One A9 design. It seems like it would be a good size since most phones these days are bordering “phablet” territory.

  98. I would like to try the best camera of HTC nowdays…

  99. TASH

    I am in the midst of launching my new fashion styling business and I currently have an iPhone 6. I would love to compare the photography differences when I do before and after pictures of clients who I have given a makeover! Fingers crossed. I’m sure anything may be better than this iPhone camera.

  100. Sky Siegel

    What a lovely color!!!

  101. Cliff B.

    this is a comment, so do i win?

  102. Luke Moritz

    HTC phones are the best phones. Nice color on that phone too!

  103. Joseph Brennan

    The A9 is awesome for a phone that is not sporting a 805 or 810. No lag at all, and the camera is great!

  104. Ron

    Love the new HTC design!

  105. MobileServer

    Yes. Need this to replace my One M8.

  106. Bi Ol

    HTC is the way to go. Cheers!

  107. destiny

    I love that you can get up to 2TB of extra storage!

  108. Trnr

    As much as it no longer has a set of BoomSound speakers I actually want to see how this device performs as it isn’t a “flagship”. From what I’ve seen, it can hold its own!

  109. AA

    I’ve used the phone in the past and really LOVE the home button/fingerprint reader. Nothing like pulling the phone out of your pocket, touching the button, and having the screen come on, unlock, and go to the home screen instantly.

  110. raj

    HTC one A9 has got the best specs…it’s a complete package 😍

  111. Hesham Othman

    Best feature is the amoled screen… Best move by htc. The design is one of the finest

  112. Craig Marc

    I’m a huge HTC fan and I’d love to try the A9 especially as we can’t get the 3gb ram version in the UK.

  113. Ken S (OMJ)

    The A9 design is superb, and the specs aint bad either 😉 I would love develop a kick @ss ROM for it 🙂

  114. Federico Dubbini

    I really want this HTC One A9! 😀

  115. Ashad Mohamed

    I’ve been a HTC user throughout the long run and would love to see what HTC has to bring in the near future! 🍃
    Would love to win the A9!

  116. FlowingAway

    My wife needs an upgrade, this would help out so much to win the A9! Fingers crossed!

  117. Victor Mendez

    Gotta love the folks at HTC Elevate!

  118. Swauger

    Had the pleasure of testing the A9 and it was a solid device.

  119. HTC A9 is a mid-level phone that operates like a high end device. I’d love to get one!

  120. tywan james

    I want this phone.

  121. Salar Azad

    HTC makes the best phones out there, and this one is very interesting, I would like to test it someday !!

  122. Xander Avila

    Because in life you all you find the #One and you can live happily ever after. #HTCOne

  123. Cochino Chang

    maybe this is my chance to have a replacement phone for my nexus 4

  124. Eric Wilborn

    Love the color of this device.

  125. coupcrazy

    32 GB of Internal Storage sounds like something I need! Thanks 🙂

  126. Arena Thompson

    I love the camera in the HTC a9, I’m always taking pics!

  127. Ian

    I would love an A9. Probably the only HTC I would own right now.

  128. I’d like to give it a shot since the M10 may have similar features.

  129. Melissa Johnson

    I’ve always wanted to try 1 of these phones! I’ve heard great things about it!

  130. Kitten

    Love the color HTC would be a great phone to get away from Samsung.

  131. I’ve had to replace my G4 twice due to the boot loop issue and was thinking of upgrading to the A9. This color is drop dead gorgeous!

  132. Bobby Scott

    I love that color. Birthstone, DD 😈.

  133. Noel

    Hopefully the m10 looks like this 😍

  134. Sunny

    Could really use an updated phone … my current one is the myTouch 3g.

  135. sunny

    dreaming of a new phone …

  136. Florin Circu

    I’m in for the giveaway. I like HTC’s but I don’t like their choice in batteries.

  137. Jamal Harvey

    I broke my M7 by accident, so I need a new HTC phone to complete me

  138. Angela Hendricks

    Shared on twitter:

    My favorite feature is the 5″ Full HD 1080p screen.

  139. droidbeat

    My favorite features of the A9 are its quick OS updates, clean high quality design, and a fingerprint button that works superbly.

  140. Wackey

    HTC One A9 for the win!

  141. Amberlyn

    I love the fact that the One A9 has got a 32GB internal storage! That totally blows my device’s 8 GB memory to smithereens! Plus that garnet color is beautiful! I would love to win one!

  142. Carolyn Pearce

    Love my HTC One M9 and my hubby does too

  143. Thomas Smith

    I’m totally in for the HTC One A9! Looks awesome! Thanks for the opportunity!

  144. Rust

    Love the design!

  145. ajhall62

    I like the brightness of the screen.

  146. David ventura

    Best phone right now

  147. David ventura

    To me is the best phone i love HTC, there is no other company that can beat the quality and premium feel that HTC put on his phone and with android. There are the best

  148. Joshua Eromonsele

    I love the fingerprint scanner on the phone. It is honestly a really good phone (since my old phone got stolen). I also love the deep garnet color. It would be better if they removed the front logo off of it but it still good.

  149. Toni Berndtson

    My beloved M7 is dying on me, and i need a replacement!

  150. Kevin Jones

    I love HTC & HTC Source…I think the design is fantastic & would love to test Marshmallow Sense

  151. Mark Reisch

    I have been an HTC fan since the G1 and haven’t had a phone from any other company! And I hope the A9 will help me continue the trend! It’s a great phone!

  152. Craig Epps

    HTC rocks!!!! Who wouldn’t want to have this beauty!!

  153. Joshua Funkhouser

    would love to upgrade my flip phone

  154. Jake Jones

    Would love to have this phone looks so simplistic and beautiful

  155. Jake Jones

    Such a beautiful phone

  156. Cora Stallings

    Hi. How are you? Wonderful weather we’re having?

  157. ktom212

    Big HTC fan, and luv this color!

  158. Patrick Mulcahy

    Loved the M7 would love to bump that up to the A9

  159. Luis Guillermo

    I have to win that piece of technology! #BeBrilliant

  160. Hector E. Gaxiola

    Love HTC and giveaways

  161. UmbraPotato

    I really love the design, especially the Deep Garnet 🙂

  162. Seb

    Love M9 and A9 😊

  163. Danny Medina

    @htcsource is the place where I get all my tech news from HTC and would love to win this beautiful A9

  164. Snowx2k5

    Favorite feature has to be that it has a micro-sd card slot….good to see HTC still gives users that option.

  165. Akhila kanampella

    Htc is the best no matter what design it is I love htc ❤