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HTC Source | February 19, 2018

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Owlchemy Labs announces new role in Job Simulator virtual reality game

Owlchemy Labs announces new role in Job Simulator virtual reality game

For those of us who have had the HTC Vive demo, the experience was like no other and the game environments felt so realistic. Part of the Vive demo included a kitchen experience from the game Job Simulator. Basically, the world is now run by robots and as a tribute to humans, AI made a simulator so we could relive some of the tasks we used to do.

During my Vive demo I was in a kitchen with a recipe in front of me. There were ingredients that needed to get in the pot to fulfill the task of making a meal. I wasn’t simply standing in front of a counter with everything I needed in front of me. There was a full kitchen around me and some items were in the fridge, waiting for me to retrieve them. The pressure of making something in the kitchen felt real and the Vive headset made me think I was really putting something edible together.

Job Simulator has definitely been a hit during the demo and now the makers are able to take the game a step further before the Vive hits store shelves. Owlchemy Labs has announced a new role for the Job Simulator called the Office Worker. This job takes place in an office setting where you get to sit at your very own office cubical while performing mundane tasks on a computer. Keep up your performance or you’ll get a visit from OfficeBot who might take your stapler.

Besides the Gourmet Chef and Office Worker, Owlchemy Labs has also produced a Convenience Store Clerk role. Learn the ins and out of running your own franchise 7/11!

Job Simulator Roles

Source: Owlchemy Labs

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