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HTC Source | January 19, 2018

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Is virtual reality so real you can propose in it?

Is virtual reality so real you can propose in it?

I admit when I tried HTC Vive, the virtual seemed extremely real to me. Real enough that when I reached out to touch something it was as if I expected my hand to find that object in reality. Last Thursday, things at the Valve HQ’s in Washington got very real. An employee of the company partnered with HTC on the VR venture, planned a marriage proposal to his girlfriend in virtual reality.

So there she was, a young lady by the name of Kelly was getting the HTC Vive demo some of us have had the fortune to experience, but hers was a lot more memorable and here’s why.

Kelly’s boyfriend Chandler, waited until she had the HTC Vive headset on before he made his move. With one of the wands, holding a ring in virtual reality, he approached her on the deck of a sunken ship and asked for her hand in marriage. But Kelly didn’t say yes, she first removed the Vive headset to see Chandler kneeling in front of her with a real ring.

So what did Kelly say?


Valve Proposal

According to Shen’s tweet, Chandler is an employee with Valve so getting getting an object like a ring built into the demo was probably pretty easy to pull off. Congrats to the newly engaged couple and may they live more than virtually ever after!

There’s so much virtual reality news surrounding the HTC Vive that I want to share with you, but I had to start with something that gets you right in the feels. What do you think? Was this a crafty way to propose or not dreamy enough?

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