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HTC Source | February 24, 2018

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HTC theme of the week: The Walking Dead

HTC theme of the week: The Walking Dead

For those of you that follow the amazing zombie centered TV series, The Walking Dead is the theme of the week for you! This Sunday, The Walking Dead will kick off it’s sixth season in the US so I thought this would be the perfect theme for our phones in anticipation of the show’s season premier.

I like the theme’s wallpaper, because it has this burnt look to it. It’s kind of grungy and dirty like a person would feel after running from walkers since the world as we know it came to an end. The basic icons offered by HTC are outlined in white with black filling and a charcoal background. There’s also a shadow leaning down and to the right from the icons center. The rest of my installed apps have a hexagon shape overlaying the icon design.

the walking dead icons

I’m always more likely to download and try a theme that has something other than the default icon styling.

It’s so easy to change when building a theme that it is a standard when I browse the gallery.

The Walking Dead theme was created on August 4th, 2015 and designed by a fellow named Waldemar Nitrowski who has 21 designs listed in the theme gallery. This particular theme has been downloaded 4,970 times as of this morning.

Theme of the week: The Walking Dead

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