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HTC Source | February 19, 2018

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HTC Theme of the week: Happy Haunting!

HTC Theme of the week: Happy Haunting!

This week’s theme falls in line with a fun day of the year when kids dress up in costumes and go door to door asking for tricks or treats. It’s a Halloween theme!

This theme by Tetsuko Wang is a fun, kid friendly theme with a playfully animated feel on your phone. Holiday themes are fun, because they are festive and for me, it helped to get a little more into the mindset for tricks and treats.

This theme has different wallpapers in all the right places like lockscreen, homescreen, app drawer, caller and text windows. The color scheme is dark and my favorite thing is the custom icons. Though the pack only covers a select few icons they are what really attracted me to this theme since each one has something specific that I can see how they apply to each icon. As you will also notice in the image below the theme designer used a custom font when building this theme. As simple touch that many skip during the creation process. The custom clock with alternating colored numbers was the perfect touch for this theme.Halloween

The Happy Haunting! theme has been fun to use on my phone, but it was missing a few things I look for in themes to review. I really like when themers add custom weather icons. I use that area next to the clock to tap to view more detailed weather info on a regular basis. When a weather icon set isn’t there’s a tiny one below the clock, but it doesn’t really inspire me to check my local forecast. Also, there weren’t any special sounds. Fun, spooky ghost sounds would have been a welcomed add in this theme.

This theme does include a HTC Dot View wallpaper, but for those that use this case I would recommend switching to the HTC provided holiday wallpapers. You will get animated wallpapers that change periodically when a holiday is near.

The Happy Haunting! theme is the only theme created by Tetsuko Wang and has been downloaded over 20,000 times since it was introduced to the HTC Theme library.

Theme of the week: Happy Haunting!

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