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HTC Source | February 21, 2018

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HTC One A9 reviews roundup

HTC One A9 reviews roundup

With the HTC One A9 set to hit retain shelves in the next few days, the first wave of reviews has surfaced, giving us mixed opinions about HTC’s new phone. Surprisingly, The Verge featured the most favorable review of the HTC One A9 – basically refuting all the claims that other sites have made about HTC’s design-centric smartphone. Android Guys was also quite pleased with the HTC One A9, but most other sites compared the HTC One A9’s specs and performance to other phones available at the same price point, a comparison that doesn’t bode well for the One A9. The Verge took the approach of the general consumer’s standpoint – someone who simply walks into a store and is looking for a new phone to replace their aging smartphone.

We have to agree that the HTC One A9 isn’t going to be anyone’s number one choice if they are looking for a device with the best specs or a unique design. That being said, the HTC One A9 is well designed, elegant and is extremely smooth in day-to-day operations. Most reviews also mentioned that the 13 megapixel Sony camera sensor makes the camera on the One A9 the best in HTC’s history. It may still pale in comparison the Samsung Galaxy S6 or the LG G4, but it’s at least a step in the right direction.

Our HTC One A9 review unit has yet to arrive, but you can be sure that we’ll be sharing our take on the phone when we get our hands on it. We are not expecting a device that will go head-to-head with this year’s flagship phones, but we do expect the One A9 to be a solid upper-mid-range phone with a design that will appeal to the general masses.

Source: The Verge, Android Guys, Android Central, Cnet

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  1. tommydokc

    I’ve been a fan of HTC for years… owned one since the One X. skipped the m9 and was hoping that they would make the m10 the phone to beat. but after seeing the LG v10, which i would assume is the A9 competitor, i’ve lost all hope on HTC. They seem to have lost their vision. I’m pretty sure i will be jumping ship to the G5 this coming spring.

    • scott chavis

      Ahh, dismissing a phone you haven’t seen for another you haven’t seen. At least you’re consistent

    • nickmgray

      Actually, the LG V10 isn’t a competitor to the HTC One A9. The V10 is a $700 phone ($200 more than the A9) for untra-geeks while the One A9 is for the general consumer who is more interested in looks than specs.

  2. Replicant Jason Booth

    I think htc will have success with the a9… How much success? Who knows… Hopefully they market the hell out this device.

  3. Yaseen Essack

    I really like this phone it’s unbelievably gorgeous.. Well worth the price in my opinion. ☎️. The deep Garnet red looks fantastic