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HTC Source | February 19, 2018

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HTC One A9 certification process reveals geographic details

HTC One A9 certification process reveals geographic details

As we sit back and wait to see what HTC is going to reveal on Tuesday, October 20th, new details surface that might give us some insight as to where HTC’s first Marshmallowed device is heading. The HTC One A9, which is going to be the phone’s official title, was spotted going through the FCC and Global Certification Forum. While the new information doesn’t share any pictures of the next and possibly last phone in the HTC One series, the labeling paints enough of a picture for us.

On October 20th, HTC is hosting a global, live virtual event confirming all that we’ve heard up to today which is just about everything about the mid-range smartphone. The certification sources reveal the HTC One A9 will make three different appearances, the FCC labeling that goes on the back of the phone most likely indicates the following:

  • 2PQ9100 – international bands
  • 2PQ9120 – most North American bands
  • 2PQ9300 – bands for Sprint


Well, what does HTC have left to show regarding the upcoming HTC One A9 that we haven’t seen already. I’ve got a feeling that the event later this month will still be worth watching, because I think there will be more than just phone news in the broadcast. Is the One A9 the perfect mid-range fit for you right now? The One A9 will come in several colors. If your phone could be any color what would color would you pick? I’d pick a light blue.

SOURCE: gforgames via AndroidAuthority

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  1. redeu3

    I hope it doesn’t look like the leaks we’ve been seeing.

  2. Mark Washington

    I thought a lot of people wished they had an iPhone running Android . And a lot of people prefer the HTC Sense skin over others . Plus rumors have it that this phone will feature a great camera …probably the same as the Nexus 5X and 6P … I say we have a win if they market the mess out of it . Will we have a part 3 of the blind test speed followed by a revealing of the phone?