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HTC Source | February 24, 2018

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Android app of the week: Earn to Die

Android app of the week: Earn to Die

This week’s Android app follows the suit of the HTC Theme of the Week in honor of Halloween! Earn to Die in a zombie killer thriller. Saddle up in your ride and drive through as many zombies as you can to get to the last advertised safe zone in the United States during the end of the world.

Earn to Die is a fun driving game that lets you smash zombies while headed for the finish line. While en route to the main objective, safety, you earn cash the further you drive. The cash is good for buying wrecked up cars that you can upgrade with boost for speed and weapons for slaying zombies. The strategy is to get your vehicle to glide through the zombie apocalypse as fast as possible and make the most out of the gas tank before it goes empty.

Earn cash to unlock 7 of the 8 vehicles and upgrade things like the engine, transmission, tires, boost, fuel, front end mounted saws, and top mounted guns. As the levels progress, zombies evolve from walkers to runners to giants and at times you face all three. Some will run after you and try to hang onto your vehicle. When they do they slow you down and drain your fuel tank.

Earning cash is pretty simple, the further you go the more money you make. The difference though, is that each level increases the cash payout when you run out of gas.

The graphics are pretty nice and the game runs very smooth on the HTC One M8. When you take out a bunch of zombies, the game captions the moment with the word “awesome” and everything slows down so you can enjoy all the carnage!

Earn to Die costs $1.49 in the Google Play store, but I downloaded the app for free using the Amazon Underground app I talked about last week. You may start seeing me review more apps from this source as I’m sure the Underground app will grow on me and I’m too cheap to buy apps even though I have tons of credit thanks to the Google Opinion Rewards app. Remember that every second you play actively helps the app developer make a few bucks thanks to the new way Amazon tracks app usage.

Link to Amazon Underground game: Earn to Die

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