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HTC Source | December 14, 2017

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Rumor: List of HTC phones to get Android Marshmallow

Rumor: List of HTC phones to get Android Marshmallow

Well to be honest when I saw LlabTooFeR’s tweet this weekend I didn’t think much of it, because I don’t think the info stating which HTC phones will get Android 6.0 is much of a leak. In fact, it sounds a while lot like speculation given that the tweet came from someone who talks a lot about current or upcoming smartphones. The tweet I’m referring to suggests the following phones will get Android 6.0 plus HTC Sense 7.

• HTC One M8

• HTC One M8s
• HTC One E8
• HTC Desire EYE
• HTC Desire 816
• HTC Desire 820
• HTC Desire 826
• HTC One M9
• HTC One M9+
• HTC One ME
• HTC One E9
• HTC One E9+
• HTC Butterfly 2
• HTC Butterfly 3

Remember, this info should be treated as a rumor at this point. Keep that in mind if the phone you were really hoping would see the latest Android update isn’t on this list or if your phone is on it, but doesn’t get named officially by HTC for one reason or another. This info came from a reliable source and I’m not trying to discard the credibility of the tweeter I’m just keeping a decent prospective on what’s to come.

For the past few updates has done a remarkable job keeping the public in the know about which phones will get updates and how fast. HTC goes above and beyond other manufacturers to share this info with us with various tweets and additional sources. We suspect it won’t be long after Google’s big announcement tomorrow that HTC lays the expectations on the table for us  giving us something to look forward to.

Source: LlabTooFeR

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  1. Jeans

    Did see Batterfly 3.

  2. Jeans

    On our markets not much changed.
    HTC M9+ Aurora Version.
    Well in Japan always best tech.

  3. & that’s why I upgraded to the M9 so I would make sure to get the next OS and Sense