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HTC Source | February 21, 2018

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HTC Theme of the week: Rugo

HTC Theme of the week: Rugo

The HTC Theme of the week was found in the HTC Theme app library while browsing new themes and is called Rugo. This is a fully detailed theme with well designed numbers for the HTC clock, weather icons, textured app icons and matching color scheme. The theme flows from screen to screen with a single wallpaper, a rough texture surrounded by a white circle with a solid color background in the app and clock icons and a handful of yellow/greens in the color scheme.

The wallpaper is the same for the lock screen, home screen and message areas, the color scheme reminds me of the Jamaican flag and the texture on the icons is very detailed giving your phone a unique look.

The weather icons seems to flow with the entire theme as well. Currently, my weather indicates the moon and stars are shinning bright without any cloud cover. The moon and stars are solid white combining with the white borders on the icons and clock. The Rugo theme page displays a yellow sun and blue clouds with blue water drops.

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This theme was created by a Hungarian named Laszlo or Laci, as he prefers, who is very passionate about his creations in the HTC Theme app. In his user bio he lists that his goal is to be the most active Hungarian HTC Theme creator or even the best. He looks to be well on his way with 62 designs under his belt. Looking at some of his theme designs it appears that he has even narrowed down the method for changing the soft keys in the theme app, but unfortunately they don’t trickle down to my One M8 for verification.

What I like to see the most in a theme for the HTC Theme app is app icons with depth. The Rugo theme doesn’t replace a handful of icons in my tray it places a skin over ALL the apps on my phone. Stock HTC and Google apps have varying color backgrounds for the icons while just about every other app on your phone gets a standard grey color behind the icon.

rugo iconsThis was a huge surprise for me when I noticed my uncommon apps matched the theme!

Overall, I really enjoy this theme! The one thing I would change if I kept this theme is the wallpaper, because I like abstract wallpapers more than anything. The theme wallpaper isn’t terrible just not my favorite. The Rugo theme captured everything else so well I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to hit that APPLY button. The Rugo theme hit the HTC Theme app on August 24th and has been downloaded 3,905 times with a 4.5 star rating.

I know there are a lot of talented themers out there and I want to see your work! If you have an HTC Theme you’d like me to spotlight in this new column send me the link using any of my social networks or email and use the hashtag #HTCTheme to promote the campaign.

Theme of the week: Rugo Theme

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