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HTC Source | February 22, 2018

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HTC Theme of the Week: Googled

HTC Theme of the Week: Googled

This week’s featured theme, Googled is by a designer I’ve featured before. Antonio simply creates well made themes for us to download from the HTC Theme library on our Sense based Android phones and if I didn’t already have others lined up for future articles I’d review another one from his collection. Antonio presents this theme in a minimalistic form and tries to mimic the Material impression Google has bestowed upon us. 

In his theme description he says, “everything designed and recreated as close as possible to stock Google experience.” I like how this theme feels! It has Google at the heart, but still drives like my beloved HTC Sense. Antonio gives a shout out in the description to the designer who made the icons he used for this theme. I think it’s important to do this although I admit it’s hard to keep track of these details sometimes, especially when it comes to wallpapers.

Googled icons

Speaking of the icons, they have very nice shading details that even gives the appearance they are folded in some areas. I do wish the style flowed throughout all the apps, but for the default apps, the attention to detail is very welcomed. The weather icons are nice to look at as well. Even when it’s wet and rainy outside! I’d really like to see HTC let those have some animations like the original Sense days when a wiper would clean off your screen during a rainy day. The color scheme is full of rich dark colors that fit with the rest of the theme’s look. 

HTC Theme Googled Weather

This theme made my phone feel like home this week. I was really looking for something minimal and material. Going through the theme library can be tough to find exactly what you want. When people put in hard work to make multiple themes you don’t have to look far you just follow the user and let them do all the work for you. HTC will give you a notification when the user posts a new theme. Priceless! This theme on 14 SEP 15 and has 4923 downloads.

What do you think of this week’s theme? What kind of categories do you like to browse when using the HTC Theme app?

Theme of the Week: Googled

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  1. Tony Reilly

    How the heck do I find and download this in the app? There doesn’t appear to be a search feature to find a specific theme 🙁

  2. JR_Blas

    I’m using an HTC desire eye. Why doesn’t the weather clock on the home screen ever download with the theme?