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HTC Source | January 18, 2018

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Android app of the week: Pako Car Chase Simulator

Android app of the week: Pako Car Chase Simulator

This week’s app wasn’t made by HTC, but it plays pretty smoothly on my HTC phone. Pako Car Chase Simulator is a tough cat and mouse game where you are tasked with avoiding the police who want to hunt you down and crash into your car. During the chase you must avoid all objects while circling around the map you’re on, there’s twelve levels in all, and the longer your vehicle stays in one piece the more points you earn to use for unlocking levels and vehicles.

Pako Car Chase Simulator is the safest way to run from the cops! Don’t be a fool!

To get started in your first car chase you have a super slow car driving around a mall parking lot while cops come at you from all angles. You might get down the road a few seconds before you see the first patrol car, but then they swarm around you sometimes crashing into each other or static objects that get in the way. I haven’t made it through all the levels yet, but at least one level has more than just black and white cars to flee… there’s tanks baby! Tanks will take aim with turrets and fire at you as well as pursue you with their tracks. Tanks and police cars aren’t the only hazards to avoid some levels like the last one have iced over bodies of water that breakaway after you drive on them.

There are twelve playgrounds or levels in Pako Car Chase Simulator and each one needs to be unlocked with a specific number of points. Vehicles are also unlocked in this same manner and they range from fast muscle cars to a small airplane to a monster truck. Points are earned a couple of ways:

  1. The longer you outrun the cops the higher your score gets the more points you earn.
  2. Watching ads will get you points and this is highly encouraged by the makers of the game. After a certain amount of crashes ads will automatically pop up and when you attempt to unlock a level or vehicle you are given the option to watch a video advertisement. The length of each ad varies and if you skip the ad after a few seconds you will get a small portion of points you would get for watching the entire ad.

Each map has a simple themed design. You’re in a parking lot so you have parked cars in the way, you’re at the airport so you have to dodge a plane on the runway, and so on. Parked vehicles stay in the same place each time you play the level, but the colors of the cars change and each level has its own retro music with the sound of sirens in the background.

Pako Car Chase Simulator is fun to play and it is a struggle to avoid the cops for a long period of time. On the first map I found that if I drove in a circle around a particular area I seemed to fool the cops just enough that they couldn’t avoid obstacles very easily. This game is fun to play offline since you don’t have to record any races for opponents or anything special, but you won’t earn points from the ads since they won’t load without a data or wireless connection. I like that you don’t see a lot price tags on items to unlock this game relies on users watching the ads.

What’s your favorite game? Leave it in the comments and I might review it in an upcoming article.

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