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HTC Source | January 19, 2018

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HTC stock flatlines following revised Q3 earnings projections

HTC stock flatlines following revised Q3 earnings projections

A day after HTC announced that the company is planning to lose NT$5.51 to NT$5.85 per share during the third quarter, HTC’s stock has taken a nose dive. The stock price flatlined at NT$63, a 10% drop from the previous day. With HTC’s stock trading at NT$63, its market capitalization has been lowered to $1.65 billion US dollars.

HTC is hoping that job cuts and a product scale-back will help get things back on track, but analysts are projecting at least 18 months of turmoil for HTC. In the time, HTC will need to revamp its go-to-market strategy which will dictate the future of the company. A few years back, HTC said that it would cut the number of devices that it released, but that shift never materialized. HTC has created two distinct smartphone brands, but neither of them appears to have a clear flagship offering. That will need to change.

If you’re planning to support HTC over the next year or two, we suggest you hold on tights. Things are going to get a bit bumpy.

Source: Yahoo Finance

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  1. Deveal2014

    Smh…very bad for my favorite oem. I just don’t believe the basic mistakes they made this year. Both the plus & regular M9 offering should’ve been made available to everyone & a decent camera should’ve been included. Also a fast charger should have also came with both devices. No commercials were ever shown for the M9 & it a vr tie in should’ve been included too . No smartwatch offering , no budget tablet & no fitness tracker wtf

  2. Harold Goldner

    The lack of marketing direction is taking its toll. They should have three lines of handsets, if not two, the Desire “budget” line and a flagship. The flirtation with phablets has not made them any money, and their Nexus 9 was woefully overpriced — did not have nearly the market penetration of the Asus 7″ Nexuses. Meanwhile, they continue to do “cute” really well — but without it producing anything for the bottom line, and spamming their own customers is not a solution either.

    • Wizkid

      Depending on what you define as a phablet, HTC has not in any way flirted with phablets; they made one brief offering with the Max but gave not effort at marketing it and let it die. Otherwise they’ve left that market completely bare other than some token effort mid-range devices.
      They’ve left their fans and supporters high and dry by continually letting the competition provide something just a little bit bigger and better on seemingly every metric. A 5.4 inch or similar sized, top shelf device is desperately needed just to get some “wow” factor back in the brand. That will increase interest in the mid-range phablet offering as well. Currently it’s just a middling phone with a big screen but completely lacking in identity.

  3. Kwadwo Boadu

    This explains the hold up with the Grip, and also perhaps the lack of an Android Wear smart watch. Definitely will be interesting what they compromise on when the M10 comes round, or if they will seek to go toe to toe with the Galaxys and IPhones of the world. Whatever happens, my next upgrade will most certainly be the M10.

    • I’ve been a HTC enthusiast since the EVO and I HOPE HTC’s M10 knocks it out of the park because Apple and Samsung is tearin’ them a new one. I too await the M10

  4. s3oodan

    I guess they should take thire loyal fans advice..
    It is not a shame to ask your loyal customers what they think and like for next M9 and other gadgets

  5. Rick Buisson

    So sorry for the HIGH TECH COMPUTER Co. HTC. I have been waiting for an HTC wearable watch. I ccan’ even get a Vive, l have to build a cardboard box ffo my phone to watch VR stuff. What a shame. I’m still hoping that HTC is still producing the HTC ONE M10, with the 4GB rom aan lots of memory, unbreakable glass a great camera. And this time around ADVERTISING WORLD WIDE.
    Come on HTC we are pulling for ya to get out of this mess. Remember to always advertise your products.

  6. Salim

    I am an HTC fan since the G1 with the slider keyboard. the first company to ever believe in android. but i don’t understand their policy. they just throw devices in the market with different flaws depending on the device, be it camera for the one series, processing for the desire series and lack of memory. then, they release a beast phone but tie it solely to japan with a crazy duo cam with ois and front 13 mpx with flash, water resistance and boomsound. you wonder why this device wasn’t the m9, or at least why isn’t it available worldwide? but you don’t ever get a logical answer. i’m sad for htc and wish they will bounce back because they have what it takes. they just need some focus…

  7. CarlosTSG

    The Android ecosystem is dominated by Samsung. Perhaps HTC should return to it’s grass roots and support the new Windows 10 mobile?