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HTC Source | January 18, 2018

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HTC Re Camera brings home top award from IDSA

HTC Re Camera brings home top award from IDSA

HTC recently received an award for one very innovative product, the HTC Re. The camera’s compact design contributed to its success when reviewed by the judges of the IDSA Awards panel who gave the product a top award in the computer accessory category.

The HTC Re camera is one of HTC’s first products to be marketed towards a cross-platform community. With an Android or Apple device, users can download the HTC Re Camera app and connect to the camera without the need for wires and the app can act as a remote shutter, gallery, and viewfinder for the camera. Of course, HTC’s thought behind a viewfinder-less camera was so that users would not be stuck behind the camera and can point in the desired direction without missing the action.

Re features a 146 degree wide angle lens with a 16 MP sensor capable of 1080p video recording and high resolution photos. This camera is waterproof without the need for an extra case and uses a microSD card to store images and video that can be uploaded to your favorite social media outlet through the app.

My most recent video was shot entirely with the HTC Re and I really love this HTC product!

Source: IDSA

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  1. Harold Goldner

    I absolutely LOVE my RE. That having been said, I absolutely HATE the app. I can’t figure out why they can’t get that right after all this time.