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HTC Source | February 18, 2018

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HTC Aero to feature “groundbreaking” camera technology

HTC Aero to feature “groundbreaking” camera technology

The upcoming HTC Aero may not be getting a whole lot of attention in the press, but that will definitely change with today’s latest rumor. According to the latest rumors, the HTC Aero will feature new “groundbreaking” imaging technology which should exceed the low-light performance of HTC’s UltraPixel sensor. The HTC Aero will also feature new camera interface and may even sport an f1.9 (matching the aperture of the Samsung Galaxy S6) lens to further improve the handset’s low-light imaging capabilities.

Based on previous reports, we expect the HTC Aero to launch as a mid-range HTC One handset in early November on Sprint, but the handset may make its way to other US service providers and will definitely be made available across Europe and Asia.

Source: HTCViet via: Phone Arena

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  1. Jeans

    Like my Saab Aero or Aero bikes.

  2. Kwadwo Boadu

    Minimum 8.3 megapixels with UltraPixel (2 micron pixel size), bigger sensor and OIS would certainly be the making of great things in terms of camera hardware!

  3. Zoltan

    No OIS = HTC Fail again. Even if the sensor is able to capture spectacular photos. Media and fanboys alike will shoot it down because of no OIS. HTC needs to be in front of potential nay sayers and just put the hardware in there to shut them down. HTC don’t get in front of this, bloody up hill battle for them again. HTC’s R&D money is running thin and need a device not open to harsh public criticism. Unfortunately, Aero is not it as it lacks in other spec department and therefore wasted money which HTC doesn’t have.

  4. taiwanese2001

    I hope for HTC’s sake that this time their claim is truly groundbreaking. They’ve been saying the same thing about their camera for 2 years, but we haven’t seen anything that’s definitively groundbreaking.

  5. Rick Buisson

    I hope that this is installed into the next HTC ONE M10 when it comes out later this year.

  6. Hamta Ro

    so far we have seen only shit and shit again from htc about their camera