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HTC Source | February 22, 2018

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HTC Stocks hit a new low as the company cuts revenue projections for Q2

HTC Stocks hit a new low as the company cuts revenue projections for Q2

If you’re not aware, HTC is in trouble. earlier today, HTC announced that it is revising its revenue projections for the second quarter of 2015 from NT$46-NT$51 billion to NT$33-NT$36 billion with a possible net loss ranging from NT$7.95-NT$9.05 billion ($257-$291 million USD). To put things into perspective, the new revenue projections are roughly half of what HTC managed to pull in during the second quarter of 2014 and the projected losses would completely offset HTC’s earnings for the past four quarters.

HTC stock has been on a downward spiral during the first half of 2015, but things have gotten out of control this week as the company’s stock price hit new lows. The first low was reached on Wednesday when the stock price hit NT$93. After a 1.8% increase on Thursday, HTC’s stock price dropped to NT$92.80 – the lowest in the company’s history. The new revenue projection clearly shows that HTC needs to do something dramatic to stop the bleeding. Unfortunately, it takes 12-18 months to develop new hardware and even longer to make structural changes to a company as large as HTC.

What do you think HTC need to do to turn the company around?

Source: WSJ

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  1. Kwadwo Boadu

    I think they will need to make some big investment for the camera technology in the next generation of devices as that is what presumably has held a lot of people back. Then they need to also make a flagship level phablet as that is something the market is calling for. They have stellar devices in the One M family, and they need to reassert that for next year.

  2. Perhaps runs some commercials HTC, like Samsung and Apple. Samsung and Apple both had commercials on TV before and after their devices were on the market. Did we see one HTC commercials ???


  3. Mark

    I have had HTC phones since I bought my Desire. One X and M9 followed. While I am convinced the phones are great, most others follow the crowd and buy Samsung or Apple.
    I thought what they did with the M9 was clever. Stick with the design that worked, the M8, focus on getting the basics good and then move on with the next model. Yes the camera is not the best but everything else, HTC Sense, the battery (I’ve had no problems), speed, ect is good.
    Maybe if they don’t panic and start innovating things we don’t want and play the long game, they can get back to where they were.