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HTC Source | January 19, 2018

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HTC One M9e pictures and specs hint at an M9+ plastic variant

HTC One M9e pictures and specs hint at an M9+ plastic variant

The HTC One M9e has been spotted on TENAA’s website (China’s version of the FCC). Based on the specs and accompanying images, the HTC One M9e is a slightly cheaper version of the HTC One M9+, due mainly to its plastic body. The 5.2-inch QHD display, 20 megapixel main camera, UltraPixel front-facing camera, fingerprint sensor, 2.2GHz octa-core processor and 3GB or RAM mirror the exact components that are used to power the HTC One M9+.

Since the phone is already going through the certification process in China, we expect HTC will officially unveil the phone sometime between the middle or May and the middle of June. Like the HTC One M9+, the HTC One M9e will most likely no make it to markets in Europe and the Americas. HTC is committed to making the HTC One M9 its true flagship in the western part of the globe.

Do you think HTC should offer all of its phones in every market or is HTC making the right decision – building targets smartphones for specific markets?

Source: TENAA via Engadget

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  1. tony

    All devices should be available in all markets, not just some markets. That is horrible. They say the M9 is the flagship, when they make better devices in certain markets that make the M9 look like a mid to high end device, not flagship..

  2. Wizardries

    HTC seem intent on shooting themselves in the foot. I’ve used HTC phones for the last ten plus years but in that time they’ve been the “almost” phone. They’ve got all the components of a sensational phone but they just can’t seem to co-ordinate it into one picture.

    The M9+ should have come with everything it’s got plus a 5.5 inch screen and waterproofing as well as a camera that doesn’t miss a step. To make a phone that everyone can see is the real flagship – the M9+ – and then not sell it to all markets is suicidal. No wonder they’re not meeting targets and analysts are reporting significant revenue drops.

    The M9+ is a flagship phone and there should be a flagship variant – say 5.5 or 5.6 inches with a couple of options that make sense on a phablet. Needless to say, such a phone should also be offered in every market. Why try and drag yourself out of financial difficulties while handicapping your sales team. Once again, almost getting it right but then missing a couple of crucial points.
    I want HTC to realize the potential of what is a great phone; Sense is fantastic, the sound quality is out of this world for anything let alone a phone, the build quality is superb and it has been the best looking phone on the market for years. But it needs to give users the functionality and “wow” factor they want or it all goes to waste. They’ll just be a postscript for the “almost” phone company.

  3. Gergely Goda

    Well it’s not that hard to eBay a phone from other countries. I ordered my butterfly 2 from taiwan last year and its working in Sweden without a problem and even swedish language was installed on it. So I don’t mind the localized phones. Gonna order a M9+ from China as soon it hits the market.