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HTC Source | January 19, 2018

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HTC adds new apps to the Google Play store

HTC adds new apps to the Google Play store

Last week we brought interesting news that HTC had released more of Sense in the Google Play store. While that is very nice and dandy HTC deserves another hat tip for introducing fresh new software for the general public; well kind of. Most of the new apps are for HTC phones, but at least one is downloadable for everyone. Stick around and we’ll show you which app your non-HTC friends can use. We’ve been keeping a close eye on HTC’s apps lately and since March we’ve found five new apps on the market. For starters, if you didn’t know this already HTC has apps under three developer titles:

  • HTC Corporation
  • HTC Creative Labs
  • HTC Research

It’s under these branches you will find apps owned by HTC and for your convenience we’ve created a board following these apps and anything else HTC adds to the market. For the record, Playboard doesn’t have all of HTC’s apps listed so if you know of an app by HTC that you don’t see on the list it’s most likely due to unavailability on Playboard.

HTC makes great hardware, but they also have really good software on the market. Tweet This!

The first app as of late was a fix for something Facebook broke with a lot of external organizations.The app repaired the damage Facebook did to BlinkFeed and is called Social Plug In-Facebook.

Last month we mentioned HTC brought some M9 to the M8 with the HTC Dot View app and we want to highlight some of those features here. HTC Design and HTC Dot Breaker are great additions to the Dot View family and we look forward to more games or cool ways HTC will find to further enhance Dot View. -Also, don’t forget to check out and enter our Dot View case giveaway for the One M8.

The newest app is only available on the HTC One M9, but is probably more tied to HTC Sense 7 so we will likely have this app on the M8 when it gets its next big update. The latest app is called HTC Print Studio and is a faster way to create and have the photos you take with your phone printed. HTC Print Studio has several layouts and lets you manually select and arrange photos to be sent to a printing service for a small fee. We’ll have more on this app later this week if our photos come in quickly.

Lastly, HTC introduced a new socially integrated fitness app called HTC Fun Fit. The app tracks your steps and activity allowing you to compete with friends and set personal goals to break each day. The point is to let your phone track your daily movement and motivate you to get out there and stay active. Tell your friends about HTC Fun Fit and see who can out-walk who!

What do you think of the latest Dot View features? What’s the best message you’ve come up with to flash across the screen? How likely are you to print photos on from your phone? Will HTC Print Studio get you to print more of your photos?

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