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HTC Source | January 18, 2018

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Android game review: Star Wars Commander

Android game review: Star Wars Commander

As a Star Wars fan I have always sought out games and apps that would feed my imagination on the events that occur in a Galaxy Far Away… Star Wars Commander (SWC) does an awesome job of immersing us into the fantasy of Star Wars. Superficially, it is a typical game of building your base, collecting resources, and attacking your foes. What sets the game apart from other similar titles is that it is set in the Star Wars galaxy, which instantly grabs many fans. When you start playing SWC you are a mercenary with your own small army. Once you have made it through the tutorial you must decide to join forces with the Empire or the Rebels. Either way you are still a mercenary pulling off missions for whichever side you decide to join.

Building your base and upgrading is similar to many other games. You will need to collect your resources and build what you need to get started. Once you start leveling up your buildings you will begin to notice the time it takes to upgrade will increase dramatically. Currently the max level you can reach is level 8. At this level it takes most buildings anywhere from 3 days to a week to upgrade. If you are looking to decrease the build time you will have to purchase crystals, which will become expensive. This game concept is simple, but complex enough to keep you engaged for months.

Combat is straightforward, place your troops, the countdown timer begins, and watch your troops destroy your opponent’s base. Currently the storyline is up to 11 chapters. This should keep you busy for a few weeks while you upgrade your base to level 6. Luckily, the creators of the game keep things interesting by having events and tournaments on a regular basis, and at times throwing in some mini storylines to keep you engaged. And if you enjoy attacking and destroying other peoples bases, you can do so at will.

Overall, the game has amazing in game play and graphics. Unfortunately, unless you have a large bank account, you are going to spend a lot of time waiting for your buildings and research to complete. Even with this downfall, I love this game and definitely would recommend trying it out.

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