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HTC Source | February 24, 2018

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HTC One M9 Plus leaks give us a better feel for what to expect

HTC One M9 Plus leaks give us a better feel for what to expect

The HTC One M9 can be pre-ordered, but the internet seems to a more interested in the rumored HTC One M9 Plus. HTC has yet to confirm that the phone is real, but new leaked images of the handset have made their way onto the web, giving us a closer look at the design.

If the rumors turn out to be true, the HTC One M9 Plus will have a body that’s similar to the HTC One M9, with the addition of a fingerprint scanner below the display and large circular main camera on the back with an accompanying DuoCamera sensor above it. While previous rumors claimed the HTC One M9 Plus would be substantially larger than the HTC One M9, new detail claim that the phone will only have a 5.2-inch display with a chassis which measures 150.9 x 72.5 x 10.15mm.

To give us an idea of how big the phone will actually be, the source took the time to create a dummy HTC One M9 Plus which you can see in the video below.

We’d be more than happy to have a second flagship from HTC, but we’re not sure how a device like the HTC One M9 Plus would really help HTC gain back market share. If anything, it would simply add confusion around the brand since HTC wouldn’t have a clear flagship for people to choose.

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