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HTC Source | January 18, 2018

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Android app of the week: HTC Dot Design, Dot Breaker & Dot Message

Android app of the week: HTC Dot Design, Dot Breaker & Dot Message

The HTC Dot View app now has a home for supporting apps like HTC Dot Design, HTC Dot Breaker, and HTC Dot Message. Each app brings a new twist to the retro case available for several HTC phones on the market and upcoming phones like the HTC One M9. This week we’re covering three apps. Well technically they are apps within the HTC Dot View app so we’re reviewing part of the Dot View app? If you want to read about the rest of the latest features in Dot View you’ll have to go to our sweet news article. Anyways the new apps are too good to chose only one to cover so this week you get a dose of all three.

“Hey guys, play this game on my phone case!” Said no one other than someone holding a phone by HTC. Tweet this

HTC gave us a preview of the HTC Dot Breaker at Mobile World Congress when they announced the HTC One M9 and shortly there after they brought the updates to the current release of the HTC Dot View app. HTC Dot Breaker was a cool selling point on the show floor and received a lot of good media coverage. The HTC Dot View case continues to get better and better with lots of surprises at every turn. Let’s take a look at the new features within the HTC Dot View app. Watch our video for a full recap of the latest updates or read below for the apps of our focus this week.

HTC Dot Design

Dot Design lets you create custom wallpapers for the Dot View case. You can choose from several sources like some pre-installed designs to sketch over, free sketch to create something fresh, select a photo from your Gallery, or take a new photo with the camera. When you are happy with your custom art piece you tap Set as HTC Dot View and the image becomes your new wallpaper the next time you double tap on the case.

HTC Dot Breaker

Dot Breaker is like the old game Brick Breaker which launches a ball at a group of bricks uses a paddle to keep the ball bouncing up at the bricks. The object is to stay alive long enough to break all the bricks and move on to the next level. Speaking of levels, there’s 20 of them now, but this is just the beginning. We’re sure HTC will unlock more levels or introduce us to more classic games all together.

HTC Dot Message

Dot Message? Can you say custom scrolling message on your Dot View case? I’m sure you can, but you don’t have to since I won’t here you. With Dot Message you can create a 50 character or less message to display through Dot View. You have a few options to make your message more legible through the case like selecting the text color and background color for the right amount of contrast. You can also make the message move across the screen at three paces or leave it static if it’s short and sweet. Lastly, you can make the message blink to grab the attention of those around you. After you compile your message press the play button and close the lid to display your message on the Dot View case. The screen will not expire until you open the Dot View lid. To get these apps today all you have to do is open the HTC Dot View app, go to the Apps section and tap on each icon. If they aren’t installed you will be direction to the Play store to download them and they don’t show up in your app tray only within the Dot View app. HTC Dot Message comes with Dot View, but the other two will have to be downloaded separately.

The HTC Dot View cases have become a staple accessory for HTC and we hope to see them a few years down the road; like on the HTC One M20. The Dot View app keeps the case feeling fresh and provides any easy talking point for any HTC fan when showing off their awesome HTC handset. If you don’t have this case yet we recommend you pick one up soon. Even if you don’t like cases (like me) it’s still fun to have around.

HTC Dot Breaker (Playboard) | HTC Dot Breaker (Play Store)

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