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HTC Source | February 24, 2018

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Exclusive: HTC One M9/Hima design details will distinguish it from the HTC One (M8)

Exclusive: HTC One M9/Hima design details will distinguish it from the HTC One (M8)

Update: a leaked image of the real HTC one (M9) is now available

The leaked images of the HTC One M9/Hima that have been shared this week are real, but a source familiar with the matter has shared that they portray decoy test units and do not accurately represent the final design of the HTC One (M9). Our source has revealed that the final design of the HTC One (M9) will feature an edge-to-edge glass panel on the front with the BoomSound speaker slits pushed to the top and bottom edges. The front-facing camera on the HTC One (M9)  takes its design cues from the HTC Desire 826, featuring a large, centrally positioned lens above the display.

This new information about the HTC One (M9) confirms our test unit decoy theory that we presented earlier this week when the first images of the HTC One (M9) were published. In 2013, HTC managed to keep the true design of the HTC One (M7) concealed during testing with decoy replacement partsrenderings, and working test units. The design of the HTC One (M9) doesn’t change how the device will perform, but the changes to the front of the phone should silence a large number of critics who were not pleased to see leaked images that looked nearly identical to last year’s model.

Do the new design details change your perspective of the upcoming HTC One (M9)?



About Nick Gray

Tech enthusiast, Android user and founder of the first HTC blog – Nick Gray has been blogging about HTC phones before most people knew what a smartphone even was. Over the years Nick has owned and tested dozens HTC devices and is constantly flashing new ROMs to his Android phones.


  1. Tony StaCCs

    I’m buying the M9 Plus, no matter what. HTC makes the best phones.

    • Tom Kelsall

      …even if it doesn’t exist…

      • Tony StaCCs

        It will in 2 months.

        • Tom Kelsall

          Something will. But I’ve no confidence in any rumours.

    • Shannon Preston

      I agree! HTC makes fantastic devices!

  2. Deveal2014

    Awesome news… I’m buying regardless lol

  3. Can't Wait!

    Literally can’t wait! I have the M8 and my missus has the Desire Eye and if HTC use the same speaker design as the Desire Eye on the M9 I’ll be more than happy!

    • Kwadwo Boadu

      Is there a big difference in speaker quality between the two phones?

      • George264

        Not as loud from what I tried at the event.

        • Kwadwo Boadu


  4. Kwadwo Boadu

    Great to hear particularly in light of all the criticism that has come from it. I hope this news is true!

  5. Guest

    Thank goodness! the rear of this device looks awesome hope they keep it

  6. Drajneanu Gelu

    good news!

  7. I hope they keep the rear design & change the front as reported^ + a “squircle” front facing camera for consisteny!

  8. Andrew

    Sounds great, but how confident are you in your source, Nick? Is the source truly reliable?

    Only because last year with the M8, there was no decoy unit and it leaked all over the place prior to release. Same things were being said last year, that what we were seeing was just a decoy in a shell and the real design was something different.

    • neo905

      I remember they did it for the M7. They did a crappy job hiding it for the M8. That stupid kid got his dad fired last year for that YouTube video. I’ll give HTC the benefit of the doubt because those leaks look like poop.

      • Andrew

        Haha yeah I remember that video of the kid with the M8. Bad mistake on his part.

        I really do hope that what we’re seeing of the M9 is just a decoy unit for testing, because I’d like to see a design that’s different from the M8. Still familiar with the ‘One’ family, but not so similar looking.

  9. neo905

    Hmmmm. Now I understand why Samsung is so quick to release the S6, they moved it up for the day after the HTC M9. Apparently it will have a glass front and a metal back as well.

    • 0ne thing Samsung can Never hide is its Ugly and bloated TouchWiz, no thank you. Sense and htc Quality any day of the week 0ver that.

    • Tarcísio Medeiros

      It’s not just the material, but its design. Even Samsung Alpha is ugly. HTC doesn’t need aluminium to be beautiful…

      • neo905

        My comment wasn’t anything flattering toward Samsung. The opposite actually.

  10. Munchy

    Finally! some common sense 🙂 Thank you Nick!

  11. DDroid45

    Oh please be true, BTW I’ll be having beer and wings for HTC big announcement


    I hope it is ready in two months

  13. Amro99

    Hi Nick,
    How reliable is your source? any correct leaks from this source in the past?

  14. Shashank Bhardwaj

    Thank god. I can finally buy the M9 now.

  15. Tay

    Good news but I really hope the front facing camera is not centered as the desire eye..
    I think it looks quite weird..

    • neo905

      If they move the speaker grills to the top a d bottom. Centering the camera will create more symmetry. If the whole front panel is glass it will make it less visible anyway.

      • Horus Jarilo

        My thought exactly…

        Top speaker,
        htc logo,
        bottom speaker.

  16. Eric Shater

    Best news on the middle front camera is the rear camera is probably moved to the corner, which means a thinner device since the camera will no longer need to sit behind the screen. Assumption, but here’s to a thinner HTC flagship

    • Ej Gmore

      Be careful what you wish for. Slimmer phones often mean interior battery capacity.

  17. dtwhsieh

    “…BoomSound speaker slits pushed to the top and bottom edges…” Top and bottom edges of the glass panel like Desire 826 or top and bottom edges of the device like Nexus 9?

    • Akshay Raj

      Top and bottom edges of the glass panel like Desire 826

  18. Oliver Steinfeld

    Which means, these rumors are false and we should expect something… really stunning! 🙂

  19. So let me get it straight? They are going to center the camera on the front and add a BoomSound slit above it? Next time do some thinking before making stuff up. Edge-to-edge display, yeah right. #fairytales

  20. Henry Nchena

    That is good news, I wasn’t going to upgrade if the M9 looked very similar to the M8 which i have been using in 2014. Would have gone Xperia or any other Snapdragon flagship. I like HTC though and will get the M9

  21. Matt

    Contract up on the 31st March, bring it on.

  22. H

    Yes! Something to look forward to! Really hope they manage to waterproof it! Hopefully, best of all they will be able to think of a real name, not a code name!


    As the M8 was nearly the perfect device minus the weak camera and large bezels. So with those fixed HTC would have themselves the perfect device, I’d have to say if rumours are true and they fixed those 2 things then HTC has the mobile device of the year on their hands, and when released in my hands

  24. salvatore

    Voglio una foto del m9!!!!!! Scopritelo! Sto impazzendo

  25. j.h

    guys this time i think it will be different … the phone with top of the line specs and more compact design … you have to be ready for the beast…are you ready for march 1 cos i am

  26. Fear not! I’ve got all your backs! I’ll be at the event on March 1st!
    Follow @thehtcbro on twitter and @htcbro on instagram if you have it..
    I’ll be live streaming the juicy stuff and the stuff nobody else will be… Covert! 😉