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HTC Source | January 18, 2018

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Giveaway: HTC One M8 Otterbox Commuter case

Giveaway: HTC One M8 Otterbox Commuter case

Enter the latest giveaway at HTC Source for a chance to win a Commuter case by Otterbox. If you enter and win this case you will get some of the best protection for your phone from a well-known expert in the business of protecting ones portable electronic investment. Even if you already have a case for your HTC One M8 there’s always room for one more or give it to someone as a Christmas gift. The choice is up to you, but you can’t win if you don’t enter.

How to Enter

At this time, the giveaway is only open to residents of North America. Go for a ride on the Rafflecopter to enter. Leave a comment on the review article to unlock more chances to win. Come back daily during the giveaway time frame for more chances to win and be sure to tell your friends through various social media channels, because sharing is caring.

Otterbox Commuter Case

About Andy Medders

With over a decade of IT experience working in and for the US Army, Andy has helped implement pilot programs using Android devices at work and helps others learn how to turn a smartphone into a tool for getting things done. He started a blog about HTC as an outlet to share HTC news without spamming his friends on common social networks, but decided to combine forces with HTCSource to have more of an impact on the HTC community. Andy has had an HTC in his pocket since the days of the T-Mobile MDA.


  1. Ssugarman69

    Hope I win, gotta start a case collection with this one

  2. Marty Berry

    Gotta have it,my m7 case saved my phone many times

  3. TJ Dubs

    Otterbox is just the best! I’ve never ponied up and spent that much money on a case, though.

  4. trevb87

    Just got my m8! This would be perfect to win