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HTC Source | February 21, 2018

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AT&T announces HTC Desire Eye, HTC Re launch date and pricing

AT&T announces HTC Desire Eye, HTC Re launch date and pricing

The HTC Desire Eye and the HTC Re camera are coming to AT&T this week. AT&T has just announced that it will start selling both devices on Friday, November 7th. The Desire Eye will be available in Coral Reef (white) for $149.99 with a two-year with a full retail price of $549.99. The HTC Re is priced at $199.99, but you can get a $50 discount on the camera if you purchase it alongside the HTC Desire Eye – an amazing deal if you were already planning to purchase both.

We’re honestly a bit surprised that AT&T is pricing the HTC Desire Eye at $150 with a new contract. The phone sports many of the same internal specs as the HTC One (M8), but has a slightly larger display and a truly impressive 13 megapixel front-facing camera. Yes, the One (M8) does have a DuoCamera and an aluminum chassis, but we actually love the double shot injection molding on the Desire Eye quite a bit.

Are you planning on buying the HTC Desire Eye or the HTC Re?

Source: AT&T

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  1. Space Invader

    Congrats Nick, great content!

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    Thank you very much in advance, best regards! SI.

  2. tomarone

    I plan to buy it if and when it comes to T-Mobile.

  3. Eddy

    Although its flash-equipped front camera is eye-catching, its image results aren’t as impressive as I’d hoped. Still, the flash will illuminate your face where other phones can’t, and the Desire Eye comes with fun software, is well-specced and waterproof too.