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HTC Source | January 19, 2018

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Top images reveal odd design of HTC’s action camera images reveal odd design of HTC’s action camera

The HTC ReCamera teaser video that went up yesterday gave us a glimpse of what the action camera is capable of, but its website ( may have revealed a little too much. After the video was posted, a Reddit user did some snooping around the dormant site and unearthed two images which give us our first look at HTC’s new product.

Like most other action cameras, the HTC ReCamera is compact and simple. While the rumors of a cylinder-shaped camera are true, we were not expecting the device to have 90 degree bend resembling an aluminum tubing elbow. The design is certainly different from any other action camera that’s currently on the market. We’ll save our final judgment of the HTC ReCamera’s design for when we get some quality hands-on time with it, but we do think that the unique design is ideal for holding and should be a lot less bulky when mounted to a helmet or backpack strap (as shows in the first picture).

The site’s code also made reference to “ReMoments” – possibly an accompanying app for the HTC ReCamera. ReMoments may be HTC’s take on Sony’s Play Memories mobile app which allows Android phone to be used as a wireless viewfinder for the camera and facilitates the transfer of images and video over NFC and Wi-Fi.
htc-recamera (2)

The HTC ReCamera teaser video did show the device being used underwater and mounted to a bike, but we have a feeling HTC will be pitching the camera as a life companion device for every-day use, rather than something targeted for the active adventure seeker.

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