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HTC Source | February 18, 2018

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How to master Swing Copters

How to master Swing Copters

Finding a fun game on Google play is fairly easy. You can browse through the dozen or so game categories and browse the most popular titles. We suggest downloading a few games at a time to see if they are a good fit. While we typically don’t suggest many games, you should definitely check out Swing Copters by .GEARS studios. Swing Copters the follow-up to Flappy Bird, the wildly successful and addictive game that was eventually filled since the developer thought people were wasting too much time trying to beat their friends’ score.

Swing Copters takes the same simple idea from Flappy Birds, but changes the orientation. Rather than tapping the display to make a bird fly horizontally through pipe obstacles, you now tap the display to swing back and forth to keep from colliding with swinging hammers and steel levels as you fly vertically. Swing Copters is just as hard and addicting as Flappy Birds – that’s a good thing in our book.

To make the game a little less frustrating and a lot more enjoyable, we’ve collected a few of the best tips from the web on how to master Swing Copters.

  • Turn the volume down: we love how the audio of Swing Copters matches the game’s retro graphics, but it’s annoying as hell. It’ll either drive you made and could also result in household object being hurled at you by those around you.
  • Use two hands: taps on the screen change the direction of the swing from left to right, regardless of where you tap. But if you use a two hand approach, you can gain a little more control. Hold your phone with two hands, tap with your left thumb to swing to the left, tap with your right thumb to swing to the right. This method should improve your reflex time and a better sense of direction.
  • Stay centered: as you’ve probably already noticed, the longer you swing on one direction, the faster you go. Needless to say, swinging left or right for too long will lead to your death. To ensure you don’t swing out of control, you can stay centered with rapid screen tapping. You’ll need a few wide swings from time to time to avoid the hammers and alternating steel floors, but just remember to center yourself immediately after a wide swing to regain control.
  • Swing with the hammers: if Swing Copters simply had alternating floors to swing through, the game would be hard enough. But the game’s difficulty is increased exponentially with swinging hammers. As you swing left and right through the alternating floors, sync your swing tempo with that of the hammers. It doesn’t have to be perfect, but if you’re swinging left at the same time the hammers are, you’ll have a much better chance of making it through.
  • Tune out: as counter-intuitive as this sounds, paring too much attention may be what’s keeping you from setting a new high score. If you’re focusing on getting through the very next obstacle, you might not notice that the one after that until it’s too late. Pick a spot that’s above your little man and then lose focus. This tactic also helps reduce the stress of dying 10-15 times before setting a new high score. You can’t get mad as yourself or the game if you weren’t really focused.
  • Take a break. OK, maybe more than just one: as addicting as the game can be, be sure to take plenty of breaks. We’ve found that our best scores always come in our first 3-4 attempts after not playing the game for a few hours. Set a limit to the number of attempts (no more than 30) per sitting and stick with it.

Hopefully, these few tips will improve your skills and allow you to outscore your friends. Let us know which tip helped you the most and if you have any additional insights feel free to share them in the comments.

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