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HTC Source | January 19, 2018

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HTC Creative Labs to expand its Android reach with Zoe and other apps

HTC Creative Labs to expand its Android reach with Zoe and other apps

The HTC Creative Labs team will soon be releasing its first app which will be made available on competing Android devices. The idea behind the new strategy is to deliver incredible software to a much broader audience and those people a taste of what the HTC Sense experience has to offer. Zoe will be the first app released to the general public and HTC is planning on partnering with a handful of people from the music and sports world to help promote the new app.

At its code, Zoe is pretty much the same app that HTC users have been using since the 2013 HTC One was released. Zoe will allow users to create a 30 second video mashup using up to 16 videos or pictures from your Android phone. Users can select from a dozen or so themes and even use their own music. While the basic video creation options are probably very familiar to you if you own a newer HTC phone, the real hook will be the social aspect which will allow friends and family to remix, edit or even add to the videos you share. We’ve always loved making Zoe video highlights of parties or weekend trips and now that experience will get even better since your wife and kids can add in the pictures they captured as well.

The HTC Creative Labs team is still responsible for HTC Sense and the software that’s used to power HTC’s phones, but the team will be spending more time on new apps like Zoe which will help the HTC brand stand out. In the past, HTC Sense was used to fix many of the user experience gaps in Android, but according to HTC’s Drew Bamford “android doesn’t need as much fixing anymore.”

HTC is ready to talk about what new app will be released after Zoe, but we’ll let you know as soon as we hear anything new.

Source: Re/code

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