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HTC Source | February 24, 2018

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How to SIM unlock the HTC Desire 816 for free

How to SIM unlock the HTC Desire 816 for free

The HTC Desire 816 is one of the best budget phones currently on the market, but the phone is pretty much useless if you’re traveling if your SIM slot if locked down to the carrier you purchased the phone from. Yes, you can travel the world and use your service providers “great roaming deals” which add up to a a full month’s wage, or you can get the SIM unlock code for your HTC Desire 816 and pop in a SIM card from any other GSM service provider on the globe.

While there is only one SIM unlock code that will work for your HTC Desire 816, there are a few ways you can track it down. Services like HTC SIM Unlock are able to track down the SIM unlock code for the HTC Desire 816  for a fee, you also have the option of getting the SIM unlock code from your service provider. The HTC desire 8116 is currently sold by Virgin Mobile in the US, but Virgin Mobile’ currently policy does not allow its customers to SIM unlock their phones. If you want a Virgin Mobile HTC Desire 816 SIM unlock code you will have to purchase it from a third-party. Below are a few sample SIM unlock code policies from a handful of service providers in the US and Europe.

Example SIM unlock policies

  • O2: handset’s can be unlocked after 12 months for a £15 fee
  • AT&T: account has been active and is in good standing for at least 60 days; phone is paid off or service commitment has been fulfilled.
  • T-Mobile: phone has been paid off.
  • Vodafone: handset’s can be unlocked after 12 months for a £20 fee
  • Sprint: account has been active and is in good standing for at least 90 days.

If you do not meet the criteria required by your service provider, a third-party SIM unlock service for your HTC Desire 816 is your only other option.

Obtain your HTC Desire 816 SIM unlock code

In order to SIM unlock your HTC Desire 816, you must have your IMEI number and a nanoSIM card from another service provider.

  1. Locate the IMEI number for your HTC Desire 816 by dialing *#06#
  2. Write down your IMEI number
  3. Call your service provider
  4. Ask customer service for the SIM unlock code for your HTC Desire 816
  5. If you meet your service provider’s SIM unlock policies, customer service will ask for your IMEI number and will fill out a request form. Once the SIM unlock code request for your HTC One Desire 816 is processed, the code will be emailed to you (typically 1-3 days later)

SIM unlock the HTC Desire 816

  1. Once you receive your SIM unlock code, turn off your HTC Desire 816
  2. Remove the nanoSIM card from the phone
  3. Insert a nanoSIM card from another service provider and turn the HTC Desire 816 back on
  4. When prompted, enter the SIM unlock code provided by your service provider
  5. Enjoy your HTC Desire 816 on any GSM carrier of your choice.

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  1. jonathan

    Hey nick, do you know if its possible to do this with the virgin mobile version of htc desire 816? when i insert a different nano sim from another carrier i dont get a prompt for a pin. instead i get an error, wrong uicc sim.

    • InspectorButterz .

      Hey Jonathan, I’m in the same boat. Wondering if you got that figured out?

  2. modhafar

    I have HTC desire816 , virgin mobile USA, we ask virgin mobile for unlock code, they reject it,
    Can you help for what can I do now,,

    • Andrew

      VM USA sucks compared to VM in other regions. I have the same phone which I wanted to use on a trip to UK. They don’t allow it. Even though I paid $200 for the phone with no contract. ITS MY DAMN PHONE, I OWN IT, I should be allowed to do whatever the hell i want with it. VM UK however does just the opposite, much more accomodating than the backward 19th century VM USA

  3. John Keeson

    Hi everyone, I found the guide on this website: better. I unlocked my phone quickly and its free. just follow the guide it’s really easy 🙂

  4. Linda Sider

    Virgin Mobile PROVIDED me with the unlock code for the desire 816. I have the code for them. Virgin Mobile Canada is ok with the phone problem is as below the phone is NOT asking for the unlock code. As with Jonathan and the others I am in the same boat, I have the activated new sim from Virgin Mobile Canada (USA and Canda totally separate company). I bought from USA. HOW DO YOU GET IT TO ASK FOR UNLOCK CODE??? As of Feb 2015 Virgin movile USA does give the unlock code. It is in the phone/program that is the problem

  5. Hamza mostafa sayed abdulrahma

    i had a virgin htc desire 816 mobile that is locked to sprint and i want it to work in Egypt on GSM network

  6. Eddie Hopper

    Can an HTC Desire 710C on Virgin Mobile Network with an IMED# starting with 99 be unlocked?

  7. josh

    i recently boughthtc desire 816 sprint prepaid single sim, is it possible to unlock itso it can work on any gsm carrier?

  8. Tatiana

    If I make here sim unlock for HTC desire 816 model OP9C300 with module for LTE SIM is whether this module is to work with GSM Orange type cards?

  9. Hi..
    I mistakenly selected USA band to my HTC desire 816 mobile. deu to this my 1 SIM slot was not showing me network. plz help me to change that to my regular band.

  10. Yogesh Patil

    I wrongly selected USA band in my HTC desir 816 phone can you please help me to change the same. Due that my sim slot 1 is not working. It not showing any network.

  11. Khaled

    i have two phone one sprint network and another virgin how i can open network please can help now in finland want used this phones

    best regards