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HTC Source | January 21, 2018

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Mystery smartwatch makes an appearance in HTC’s “behind the scenes” design video

Mystery smartwatch makes an appearance in HTC’s “behind the scenes” design video

We don’t have any new details on HTC’s upcoming Android Wear smartwatch, but we did notice something a bit odd when showing off HTC’s “behind the scenes” design video to a friend (yes, we do nerdy things like that in our off time). 35 seconds into the clip you’ll see a designer working on an image of a car dock. Yes, we’ve all seen car docks before, but it’s what’s on the guy’s desk which grabbed our attention – a smartwatch.

The smartwatch in the video features a square display which shows the time in white on a black background. It’s not the most elegant smartwatch we have ever seen, but it does look very similar to the “faithful reproduction” of HTC’s Android wear smartwatch which we shared last week. There is one main difference though – a slight bump on the right side of the smartwatch which makes it look like there is a physical button which can be used to interact with the device. We believe the smartwatch makes a second appearance 42 seconds into the clip when the same designer is working on a 3D model which appears to be a smartwatch chassis.


While the smartwatch may be HTC’s upcoming Android Wear device which is expecting to launch this fall, it could also be nothing more than an early prototype which may be completely different form the final product. If this does turn out to be an Android Wear smartwatch from HTC, do you think they left it in the video intentionally?

Feel free to share your conspiracy theories in the comments below.


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  1. According to Android Central the webOS interface on the new smartwatch, which currently is only known by its model number LG-W120L, is similar to the custom Android interface found on LG’s smartphones.