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HTC Source | February 23, 2018

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HTC One (M7) Sense 6 update European rollout begins

HTC One (M7) Sense 6 update European rollout begins

The Sense 6 update for the HTC One (M7) has slowly been tricking out to handset owners in Canada and the US, but now we’re hearing reports that European handset owners have started receiving the update as well. If you have not yet received an update notification on your HTC One (M7), go to Settings > About Phone > Software update > Check now to manually ping HTC’s update servers. If the Sense 6 update its available, it will delivery many of the software features which made their debut on this year’s flagship HTC One (M8). You won’t be getting UFocus or any of the M8’s fancy DuoCamera tricks, but all the core Android apps have been updated and there are quite a few new customization options.

So far, we’ve heard that HTC one (M7) users have been able to download the HTC Sense 6 update in Croatia, Romania, Finland, France, Slovakia, Albania, UK, Slovenia and Finland. So far, all the people we’ve heard from own unlocked versions of the One (M7). We suspect HTC will be flipping the switch in other European countries in the coming days.

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  1. sirdave07

    How about in Southeast Asia? Specifically Philippines, any news?

  2. Ondrej_V

    Czech Republic had the update too, but it stuck after 2 MB… And now, after the update check, the phone says there is no update… I think, the update is going to be available tomorrow…

    • Dan

      Same thing happend to me. Romania.

      • Rok

        Same thing in Slovenia ,steel no update!

        • Michael

          Same thing in Moldova! 🙁

    • Serge Koenen

      What you need to do is erase all cache, stop ‘updater’ program in the configurations-apps-menu and restart your phone. Update phone once again and it should be okay.

      • Ondrej_V

        I tried this many times, but still – nothing. I am afraid, that the update will be available in june. It bothers me, because I looked forward to it…

  3. enispilkati

    Where will come the update for the sprint htc one m7

  4. enispilkati

    Because i’m worried that the update will never come

  5. iPhone App Development Company

    Some HTC ONE (M7) users have already received their Sense 6 update in different regions, but according to reports, it should be available in more markets now. iPhone App Development

  6. sirdave07

    Anybody from Southeast Asia who’s receiving the M7 Sense 6 update?

  7. dev ghotra

    still not in india

  8. softhunder

    No Update in Denmark yet

  9. djinn123

    UAE now downloading…

  10. iulian

    I download the update .but he doesnt work

  11. Mark Simon

    There’s no word yet on exactly what the AT&T One (M7)’s Sense 6
    update will contain. However, because the Sprint and Verizon models received goodies
    like updates versions of BlinkFeed and the Gallery UI, I wouldn’t be
    surprised to see the AT&T One (M7) get a similar treatment.

  12. Sarhaly Merino Lindemann

    I moved to USA I got my phone in Denmark I can’t update apparently please help.