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HTC Source | January 21, 2018

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HTC suspends HTC One Android 4.4.2 update due to unexpected issues

HTC suspends HTC One Android 4.4.2 update due to unexpected issues

A week after the release of the HTC One Android 4.4.2 update in the UK, HTC has suspended the rollout. Exact details are not given, but a statement from HTC claims that “users are experiencing difficulties with the KitKat update.” The Android 4.4.2 update for the HTC one in the US was released without any issues, but there are significant code differences for devices in different markets even though the base software is the same.

If you live in the UK and have already installed the Android 4.4.2 update on the HTC One, leave us a comment below and let us know if you have experienced any issues.

“We are aware that a limited number of HTC users are experiencing difficulties with the KitKat update. As a result, all FOTA updates have been temporarily suspended. HTC is committed to providing customers with the best possible mobile experience and we are working hard to resolve the issue quickly.”

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Tech enthusiast, Android user and founder of the first HTC blog – Nick Gray has been blogging about HTC phones before most people knew what a smartphone even was. Over the years Nick has owned and tested dozens HTC devices and is constantly flashing new ROMs to his Android phones.


  1. Isaac

    I found the camera slower and with color capture “yellowish”, the colors are not as accurate as used to be, the general operation of the phone seems to be a bit slower too. Definitely this Kitkat update needs to be more refined.

  2. GM

    I’ve got problems with the update.

    Notably decreased battery life.
    Calls defaulting to speaker.
    Headphone input no longer working.

    Needs fixing and fixing fast as struggling to get through the working day on the phone unless all the ‘smart’ features are not used which defeats the object of paying for the contract/phone.

  3. Jeans

    Google+ used data allowance instead wifi (set to wifi only) but its problem across android brands.

    What kind of information is gathering google+ I dont know.

    Apart of it no problems so far.

  4. 1969simon

    After installing update, the phone keeps dropping the 3g signal so no updates. Repeatedly having to reboot the phone.

  5. paul west

    Have had the update for almost a week now. No noticeable issues.. yet.

  6. max1996

    Video playback stutters and calls from other people not connecting properly

  7. Simon barton

    Video stuttering on games. Echo in sound on games. Battery draining quickly. Still have purple tint on Camera in low light and dialer Sometimes defaulting to speaker

  8. DL

    Main issue for me is calls randomly going to speaker.

  9. TC

    I’ve had the update for two weeks now and it’s running like a dream. Battery life seems better as well.

  10. Richard Denton

    Lost recorded audio after kit Kat update, sent back to HTC and now it’s better than ever, battery is noticeabley better and everything’s just a bit more… GREAT!

  11. chuck

    Lost my zoom on camera

    • Leta Bowker

      I have an HTC One and lost my camera zoom after update:
      I lost my camera zoom after update.I live in Tx, USA not in UK

      Android Version
      HTC Sence version
      Software #
      HTC SDK API level

  12. Dan Thomas

    My update is causing my phone to switch mobile data off, or to airplane mode during a call, apps seem to move themselves on my home screen or disappear altogether and my battery life is shorter too. How can I go back to my previous version of android?

  13. Brian McC

    Zoe now not working & alarm no longer working when powered off.

    • SergioF

      I have the same problem. Why making an update that does not work? Give us an alternative to downgrade to previous version.

  14. nimes

    I live in Copenhagen. Since, i have updated 4.4.2 i am experencing very strange problem, which is charging issue. My htc one suddenly stops accept charging. However i had reset the phone now it does accept charger but need to plug in charge and make a force restart. Then it can charge but if i unplug the charger ,then still the power meter keep goes up and down as its still charging and the red notification led is always on.
    Does any one had experiance this problem?

  15. Jepags

    My One keeps restating itself, its pretty much unusable now, it’s there a way to revert to a previous version?

  16. glenn andrews

    Oh my God if u don’t sort this crap out soon or give us back the old version I will dump HTC and go back to Samsung

  17. brian hughes

    i agree with Glen. my htc one was great until the last 2 android updated. currently on 4.4.2. the battery life is terrible (down 48% in last 4 hours with min use and I don’t have any apps installed that should cause this)
    also the weather and time keep thinking my current location to be China. when I select weather app and update it realises I’m in belfast

  18. brian hughes

    oh and forgot to mention the phone book access when Bluetooth connected to the car worked at the start but stopped working on last update and update to 4.4.2 didn’t fix!

  19. Angela

    I’m in Australia and updated my One last week. Since then the touch screen has an unresponsive band running across it halfway down which has made using it beyond challenging. Battery life has halved, apps are freezing halfway through loading or vanishing all together and the network can’t update my location. The white balance has gone bananas on the camera, and each time I restart the phone something else has gone down. This is the second HTC model I have owned that has died because of bad system updates. When my contract is up with this phone I’m not getting another HTC! The hardware is good but the programmers clearly have no idea what they’re doing. HTC Customer Support line is next to useless as well!.

  20. Leo C

    Since I got the 4.4.2 update on my HTC ONE, the WiFi at home wont connect to the mobile phone. Yet if I’m in the city there is no problem with the WiFi. I have tried deleting it from my phone then reconnecting, turning the modem of and on but to no avail. It just shows on the phone that the phone is saved, secured with WPA but still not working. Would love to know what am I supposed to do to fix this problem.

    • Anant Maher

      I have the exact same issue. Any ideas on just re-installing earlier software to replace this particular bit of tripe they have released? do they actually have a UAT team?

  21. Kamilla Andersen

    Wifi issues here as well.. thought zoom was gone too, but now you activate zoom just like you would zoom on a picture or webpage.

  22. flik

    I’m in Aus too and since 4.4.2 update, wi-fi is hit and miss as is any service at all to call or message . My battery only lasts a few hours and the charger won’t allow my to do anything while it is on there – apparently using more power than it can replace. Very unhappy, I live alone in a rural area with no other phone line and I’m pregnant, I am worried about being stuck alone in an emergency. I think I’ll go into town for a new phone Monday, I’m sick to death of this.

  23. Desperado

    Since the Kit Kat update my phone will not keep connected to my car, dropping Bluetooth connection every couple of minutes. It is no longer picking WiFi up at home and Wikipedia app keeps failing to launch. I have tried contacting HTC and have followed there suggestions but to no avail. Well and truly p****d off.

  24. james

    Since the update I have WiFi issues keep having to type in my login details for every thing. Battery well that’s a joke I have the most technologically advanced mobile phone which has to be plugged in otherwise it dies leave it charging over night and it only achieves 60% not happy with update or phone now

  25. Peterson Domingos

    Anybody knows if there is a way to downgrade to a previous version of android? My HTC is almost useless…

  26. Eileen Hahn

    I live in the USA and I have lost my camera zoom capability. Any updates on this yet?

    • kingcarlos

      Pinch zoom

    • KoalaCastle

      I miss the zoom slider on my camera. Now, I must use “pinch to zoom out” to control zoom which means a two hand operation. I used to be able to control zoom and take pictures with one hand. I wish HTC will bring the zoom slider back like before.
      HTC should not copy iPhone. Many of my iPhone friends turn to me for help because they don’t know how to zoom. HTC had a good UI, please don’t copy iPhony.

      • Micanic84

        I found if you go into camera settings, you can make the volume rocker button control the zoom action. I too didn’t like pinch to zoom.

  27. Hugo

    After update to 4.4.2 my battery life is terrible! I charged to 100%, unplugged and went to sleep, 7hours later woke up and battery is at 50%!!!! HTC One in Portugal

  28. Renard Jamora

    After the kitkat update the battery on my htc one is dropping like crazy. Pls release a fix on this bug. Thanks.

  29. Mike Allenby

    Battery life gone to the wall. Apps drop out whilst using them. Home screen flashes up for a second every time I start an app. It’s not good! Why can’t we reload the old software?

  30. zi

    So annoyed right now since I updated to this version I’m unable to play my media files even YouTube videos are a chore. Aasrrtgghh!!!!!!

  31. east

    I have the same problem!! The battery life is terrible! I charge my phone over the night, and when I woke up I see 60% and nothing happend… And when i use it, 10 minutes on youtube = 20 % lost! I really like this phone, please release a fix o this bug! Romania

  32. kate

    Bad battery drain, scrolling problems & also issues with Google!

  33. kopeboy

    I am from Italy. After 4.4.2 update phone display is BLACK! The problem arises after you leave it uncharged and it switches off by itself. When you charge and switch on, the screen backlit won’t work. The phone works, but you can’t see anything.
    Sent to HTC service, they said they repaired, exact same problem arose after I left uncharged the first time (2 weeks after repair).
    Not sure it’s 4.4.2 related, but very probable. How can I go back to an older version to test?


    So far, the most annoying thing I was experiencing was when I was typing and had chosen a word from the suggestions. It would always put a space after the chosen word. Even when I wasn’t done with the word!
    But this morning, I woke up 10mins before I had to be at work (luckily) and found that my phone had died overnight. It was well over 80% charged last night when I went to bed, and with all apps closed & scheduled for data to turn off after 4 hours of no activity – it was completely dead!
    Looks like I’ll be doing a factory reset… ugh. – HTC One M7 on TMobile in Colorado, USA

  35. Grant Decker

    Huge battery drain once I’ve used the camera. Lost 60% in 3 hours even when not using phone! Now unable to use camera!! Useless!

  36. Scotland

    Likewise have massive battery drainage problems and overheating of phone. Was so proud of my battery life before the KitKat update. Is there really no patches released from HTC yet?! Charging is also a very slow process and my HTC is now rejecting the HTC charger I got with the phone saying it will only ‘slow charge’ due to using an unauthentic HTC charger. Grrr

  37. After updating to 4.4.2 everything seems to be ok so far except the USB port which stopped working. (charging is ok, but no synch),

  38. J

    Charged my battery to 100% within 2 minutes lost 4% battery without doing anything, i have limited any updates in the background on my phone but issue still occurs. 5 minutes later i’m down to 87%

  39. Scott Daker

    I’m still unable 2 get the 4.20 ota update on my M7 in England? Been able 2 download 4.19 but it says its corrupt? Wot let me install it!
    I’d b very grateful 4 advice or info! I’ve contacted HTC numerous times & got no reply! Annoyed!!

  40. z

    Wifi issues here as well and speakers are crackling since the update. I had same problems with speakers before, all I needed to do is restart my phone. This time it did not work. I even made a factory reset but did not help… Is there a way to go back to an older version?

  41. srazz42

    I just upgraded to Android 4.4.2 and now the appearance of the menu items in my camera app are different, and Zoe stopped working; zoe produces only one picture right now.

    No one else is having this issue?

    I have a HTC One m7 as received from GCI.

    • natheriot

      you have to press and hold to record with the updated Zoe.

      • srazz42

        Thank you. I’ve been playing with that exact thing,wondering. But its awful now; was so nice with a short press you get 3 sec.

        So now you get variable length?

        The trouble I have controlling the darn thing is that after 2-4 seconds of zoe on, it either is stuck on until I press off or it has already turned off when I had stopped pressing.

        My point is that while I’m filming I don’t know how to either keep it going or stop it without looking at display which I can’t seem to do; I’m looking at the target.

        This was not an improvement. Unless I see it wrong.

  42. prettyboy

    Have to use my security password multiple times to unlock my phone……Super annoying

  43. mbowmn3

    After updating to 4.4.2, my HTC 1 lost some of its contacts and I can not save any new ones. All of my ringtones and notification tones are extremely feminine. I used to love my HTC 1, now I hate it.

    • niko

      I have the same problem as of yesterday when I upgraded to 4.4.2 on my HTC One. I have lost all my contacts. What a mess. Any advice would be very appreciated to help me get back to my normal smartphone basics…

      Thank you

      • niko

        Just solved it thanks to some comments I read here. So like others I just removed the Microsoft Exchange Account and added it again.
        Please you must remember your server settings before deleting.
        Thank you !

        • Andy Harbottle

          my battery has been fine since the update just the signal is rubbish now. For crap battery try turning off NFC and make sure location services are in battery saving mode as this seems to be the big culprit for batttery use.

      • Speedy

        if you want to receive back the contacts (i think it happen to the one who has accounts)
        you should try remove the accounts and add them back then sync..for me that fixed.


      God forbid your notification tones being feminine. Cringe.

  44. Per

    living in europe and got the update yesterday. its a complete disaster, my contact list is gone, sync does not work any longer (the software claims it needs an update, but no update is available. besides its rather ugly to look at when it comes to that, the ui is clean but not very pretty and does not utilize the graphic potential, its like its diwn sizing to make the software work on less capable phones. also a lot of animations and stuff is lost, the weather app will not act like wall paper any lopnger

  45. natheriot

    Updated to 4.4.2. Battery drainage problem solved by turning off the Location Reporting. But having problems with wifi connections. I can connect to WiFi at home but not anywhere else. Camera still has that annoying purple shade in low-light. Battery seems to be having trouble when charging, sometimes it just won’t charge! and it charges so damn slowly. I hope not to find other problems :/

  46. Patrick

    After this last update to 4.4.2 I’ve lost all my contacts from the contact list in the memory residing on the phone. I use it at work, so this is a total disaster! Who is responsible for this? The manufacturer of the phone (HTC)? They probably have no responsibility for this what so ever… not in the way that there will be any compensation in any way.

    • Brandon

      I had the same issue when I installed the update this week. All my contact are gone as well and will not sync contacts with my company exchange server either. like you said total disaster.

    • grizz69

      i’ve just had the update and had same issues with activ sync contacts – delete the account and recreate (you’ll need server and domain details) – this worked for me,

  47. Ron van Heukelom

    Battery empties at twice the speed, had a hard time getting it to use mobile data, turning it into a hotspot was gone from the quick screen (had a hard time finding it in settings), regular callers not recognized as the vanished from my contacts, home/news screen now with small pics only and rest is white text against a geen background (UGLY!), my beloved live wallpaper (lavalamp) gone and only six inferior designs left, +++ some more things, I’m afraid……..PLEASE UNDO THIS UPDATE! (& Next time please use a small test population before annoying your customers.)

  48. sk

    battery life is poor in my htc one after the 4.4.2 update.For one song it consumes 8-10% of battery.

  49. Tyremist

    I installed it and lost my message app, the gallery app disappeared, Google+ doesn’t work and ask to un-install and re-install so you cant sign into google or use any google apps. The blinkfeed stopped working and when you click setting it says “app not installed”. Basically the phone became useless. It still says its running the old version and lets you download and install the new one but stays in the same state. Ive had to use another phone and take it to have the firmware reflashed.
    I spent an hour on live chat with HTC who denied there were any problems with their update and I should send my phone off for repair. Thanks HTC.

  50. MVL

    After updating to 4.4.2, i am facing problem with contacts ; many phone contacts disappeared only whatsapp contact displayed. Checked setting and phone contact display is selected .
    many contacts are appearing twice ????
    Buggy update !!! any patch coming ……………………………….

  51. Ina

    I received the update last week. The first thing I realised was that the battery was dropping fast, even if I didn’t use my phone. Camera still has that annoying purple shade in low-light. Another huge problem is about the notification bar, it won’t open!! It’s like this for 2 days now and it won’t slide down anymore.. What should I do? I want the old version back..

  52. Martin

    I just 😉 lost all contacts only whatsapp contacts are left.
    Exchange update itself eg mail is still ok
    When comes the opdate??????

  53. ahmad

    I,v upgrade HTC one to 4.4.2 and not happy with themes n other stuff at all further cam doesn’t make hdr images now want to downgrade plz help.

  54. Ben Coughlan

    Love the phone, it’s great. Only complaint I have is yesterday it factory reset itself, and my earphones constantly die when used in the phone..

  55. Danny

    Battery life is shocking and I keep having to reset my icons on my screen page’s and all the alarm tones are craps.

  56. kos

    I have a UK HTC one, but with a us phone is now as good as useless, battery drain, can’t call, contacts gone, takes a long time to text, and whatsapp, Facebook, etc keep crashing. Driving me nuts. Will they fix it?

  57. Pala Singh

    Ringtones I had assigned to individuals have reset… That is a minor… Major issue is the phone taking forever to charge… Been like this a day After the update.. also apps freezing…

  58. Adrian

    I updated my HTC One to the 4.4.2 and lost all my contacts. Then I had to put up with a rude customer rep from HTC telling me I should of back them up.

  59. Cynnie Chiu

    I have issue!!! I am in Malaysia and I just updated my HTC about 3 days ago! This morning I had a bad experience! I charged my phone overnight, this morning was 100% but the battery became 14% at 10.30am!! I was shocked because mobile data was off, and the phone was inactive! Before updated, the battery life can last at least 14 hours in inactive state! Now? Not longer than 4 hours!

  60. Paul

    Like many others… contacts gone and won’t resync them from Exchange.

  61. Mohamed Hamdy Elbrey

    I am in Egypt and I have a network issues and issues related to exchange sync contacts after the update. Really I am bad and I am facing a bad experience with HTC now I have a lot of work and I can’t connect to anyone. I need to get back to the older version can someone help me how

  62. kamylka

    Has anyone got any network problems? I seem to never have full network anymore and it was perfectly fine before the update… Internet is sloooow… And ringtones are shit but that’s not a massive problem.

    • Richard Beever

      Yes I have really bad 3g network problems I bareley have more than 1 bar when before the update I was full nearly all the time need to take this crap off ASAP

  63. omer

    since i’ve updated my HTC one to kitkat my vibration completely stopped and i don’t know what to do

  64. Andy Harbottle

    My signal tanked a week ago straight after the update, i spent an hour on the chat to HTC with no resolution, after various resets etc. Spoke to three who knew nothing about an issue. Glad to see it’s not just me! I’ve never had more than about 2/3 bars since the update, and usually have 1 or 0 bars even in the centre of newcastle, i’ve never had so many no service messages since i got the phone 8 months ago as i’ve had this week. Definitely something broken, luckily i managed to stop my wife updating hers!

  65. Roxanne

    This is an absolute nightmare! I have lost contacts, battery life is shocking, cannot open messages without a 5 minute delay and if i try to send to a number I have not text before, it says the contact does not exist. I have difficulty placing phone calls, I am faced with a black screen more often than a working one and it is so frustrating. Get a fix for me PLEASE!!!

    • glee86

      Omg mine is exactly the same! Nightmare, am hating this update!!

    • Pete

      same here in germany….

    • Speedy

      lost contacts here too..but i found a fix (removing the account and adding back and contacts appeared back)

  66. fun_bobby

    After the update I have noticed a massive drop in battery life, it seems like I am constantly charging at the moment. It also lost all of my ringtones, and I am having lag issues with the keyboard/Swype. The phone unlock seems to require a lot of finesse (or maybe I have fat fingers!). There is also an incredibly annoying alert asking me to take part in some HTC charity drive or something, which I can’t get rid of. I have changed my location settings from high accuracy to battery saving to hopefully alleviate the battery life problem at least.

    • fun_bobby

      Right, the HTC Power To Give is now a system app apparently, on by default. You can’t uninstall it but you can disable it, more here

    • fun_bobby

      Been using my phone with WiFi on for an hour and have lost 35% battery

    • fun_bobby

      As of yesterday, my clock has been resetting local time to some place in Russia. I had set it to use local time from network but have had to change this to manual now.

  67. Rakesh Reddy

    I live in UK. I have updated my HTC one to 4.4.2 a week before and I lost all my contacts and the battery life is worse. Is there any way that I can retain my contacts?

  68. al

    Lost all my pictures

  69. Dave

    Since the update, my camera is rubbish. All pictures without flash are purple, I used to love my pictures. 🙁 really want to go back a version….

  70. HTC USER

    Day 2 of no WIFI since the 4.4.2 update, I rely on wifi as the signal is so poor where I live. HTC WHERE IS THE OFFICIAL FIX for this schoolboy error!!!!!This in just not good enough

  71. Phil

    Like most people, after installing the update I have lost half of my contacts. This is my work phone, so to say this is an inconvenience would be an understatement.

    It also keeps reverting back to factory defaults so I have to then rebuild all my preferences again.

  72. Shirky

    Updated this morning. As of now I have lost all my contacts, the phone keeps sticking in horizontal screen and it is now failing to sync’ ……… Apart from that, fantastic ! Thanks for that HTC !!

  73. Prashant

    Dramatic drainage of battery life after updating to 4.4.2 on HTC One. The battery indicator showed decent amount of battery life when I started a phone call and the call terminated suddenly after 10-12 minutes due to phone running out of battery!

  74. Habsfan

    Dear Lord! This is my second HTC phone. I’ve lived them both till now! HTC you suck! Half if my business is my phone, I sound like a child talking into a soup can on the other end, and that’s if you can in fact hear me! My sounds have all changed, and my phone is clipping (freezing), getting so hot, and my battery dies in no time!

  75. fun_bobby

    Can we expect a fix any time soon?

  76. Rhys

    Got the 4.4.2 update a few weeks ago. Mobile data now seems unreliable. I keep needing to turn Airplane mode on & off to get it to work. A right pain. Can we roll back?

  77. Andy

    Auto updated to Kit Kat and HTC One has lost all my notes from the native app. says the note is broken and will not open. I keep loads of important stuff in notes. I need them back. HTC live chat was zero help, factory reset and then backup, did not work. Battery power sucks.

  78. FunkyFondant

    I have no 3G signal at all after the update. Was fine before, still receive 2g no issues and i have 2 iphones in the house hold that are fine on 3g.

  79. Simon Burns

    Battery life is now awful apps are slow to open and run !! Phone and charger get really hot when plugged in to charge

  80. fionaalouise

    I updated about a week ago and the vibrate function has today stopped working :/ Aside from this everything else seems fine… I hope they sort it out soon! D:

  81. Sam

    Lost all my phone contacts, in Australia, only got the update notification yesterday so they are obviously not stopping the update here. So peeved. Tried resetting my exchange active sync and still no fix.

  82. dan

    m8 the same with me… the telephone was just brilliant… this new update fkd everything… battery flies out… calls not saved… a worse screen appearance… I may go for an iphone if dont gets fixed!

  83. Gary Yay

    Just did the kit Kat update and now the top 10% of touch screen won’t respond. The very top does as I can still pull the drag down menu, but it’s affecting my access to apps as they nearly all have a search box orhamburger menu exactly where the screen doesn’t work. Anyone else got this?!

  84. bencdt

    This update has destroyed my battery life and the phone hangs frequently. Desperate for a fix.

  85. mc

    Same as many here, have lost a lot of contacts and can’t add new ones. Hate the lost space on home screens due to page indicator. Hate the color schemes as well

  86. paul

    Have a HTC one and since the recent software update which was only a few days ago. I cant have a conversation for more than 3 mins at a time due to the phone connection disappearing suddenly.The phone shows 3+ bars but loses connection…very very annoying. Also had problems with using maps as the phone gets very hot. When the update finished the phone acted very strange and had a problem finding my contacts. This has rectified but still experiencing issues as above.

  87. AntP

    I can’t believe this problem has been around for some time and HTC didn’t prohibit their uses from upgrading to a nasty version of the OS – I have lost contacts, can’t save contacts, the ring tone is feminine and bizarre – talk about shambolic customer service in a highly competitive market. I never had anything like this with my iPhone!!!!!! 🙁 when, how is this problem going to get fixed HTC and are you somehow going to recover the lost phone numbers ?????

  88. captmatt33

    the update bricked my htc one so i had to buy m8…then the m8 had ringtone issues….4.4.2 is junk…plz fix

  89. Mary B

    Just updated on 7/1….need a fix fast! My HTC One heats up while charging (very slowly) and loses the charge quickly. Problems with other features, also.

  90. Bob the builder

    I have a an HTC One in Canada and after the 4.4.2 update I experienced a problem with connecting to WiFi and my charger unexpectedly stop worked or so I think.

  91. edward

    practically unusable. Txting breaks while typing, calls drop frequently, calls hang and I have to reboot to hang up. Maps just dropped in mid journey. A total mess. Was there supposed to be some benefit?
    Its not acceptable to mess up someones day like this. didnt sign up to that.
    How can it be rolled back? anyone know?

  92. Belle

    I can’t hear (or be heard) anything when making/receiving phone calls…..
    I am therefore without phone capabilities. Rubbish.

  93. Snidridge

    Upgraded few days ago, battery life dire – about 50% down, WiFi and mobile connections tempermental #fuckingannoyed

  94. NPiP

    i’ve always loved my HTC’s and this is the 4th one i have had, but since this update i have terrible problems to the point where its almost useless. Text messages arrive but take minutes to load when i try to open them. My phone crashes when i try to make a call and i have to re-start it. It doesn’t recognize the names on my phone and only put the number on the display and the battery life is shocking and there just the main ones !!! does anyone know if this is ever going to be fixed ??

  95. stuart

    Since the upgrade I can’t play any video content from any site or videos downloaded to the phone, it’s an utter mess

  96. Bubba36

    since the update i have lost my message icon on the screen next to the phone call button. now my messages come through this Hangouts app WTF is going on

  97. Roy Green

    Since upgrading to 4.4.2 I have had problems with the phone. Sometimes i cannot hang up and I cannot receive incoming calls thru the Bluetooth in my car, it just will not allow me to accept the call..

  98. Antony

    Touchscreen has been really frustrating after update. When trying to select something the screen is either unresponsive or selects something either side of the object I’m touching. Also trying to scroll through text messages or anything else while typing is a nightmare as it just tries to bring up menus as if you hold down or attempts to call some the person. It’s all pretty infuriating. Looks naff as well.

  99. Mick J

    My phone is forever losing it’s phone signal since updating, and only a restart cures this.

  100. hakuna_g

    Hello, after the update last week on my HTC ONE DUAL SIM, my phone started to bug on everything around the sim cards – few examples: At moments, it doesn’t allow me to make calls and I have to try two or three times, until it does; couple of days ago it stopped sending text messages until I’ve received one; today my second card just did not give any signal on the microfone and the speaker and I had to restart!!! It’s getting worse by the day!!!
    Can I go back to the previous version of kit kat or when are HTC going to fix this update, which is supposed to be for good!?? Thank you

    • johnv2014

      Gee supposed too be for good the want to brick it so you have to buy m8

  101. Sajjad khan

    when i update my htc one it is dropping the signals……why…

  102. mohsen

    since i have updated to 4.4.2, my phone is out of access (no one can call me or message me) when Data is on!!

  103. Sam

    hi yes i have the issues , how we can solve it please

  104. Sam

    i bought my HTC one line from UK im not in UK what to do ?

  105. Paragon1970

    After upgrading to 4.4.2 WIFI cycles in an attempt to connect without success on/ off button greyed out. Bluetooth also does not start. Tried a number of fixes including sticking the HTC ONE M7 in Airplane mode but to no avail. Backed up phone and issued a factory reset still no go. Totally unacceptable! The phone is useless to me as I need it for work. Will not purchase another Android device period! Back to Apple!

    • Ole Andre Fluto

      My phone did the same+lost my contacts. After a week NO power,cannot boot and cannot charge.

    • AJL

      As a matter of sideline interest, I have a Desire S running the latest Cyanogen 11 kitkat rom. I have been having problems getting it to reconnect the Bluetooth to my LG G Watch R after being out of range. On another forum I found someone mentioning problems with WiFi speeds and resolving it by disabling the WiFi Optimization control in Advanced WiFi settings (UNcheck System Settings > Wifi > Advanced > WiFi Optimization) as this keeps other activities running normally when WiFi is active rather than going into a battery saving mode. This has solved my Bluetooth problem! Just thought it could be the culprit for other issues as well and is perhaps worth a try. BTW Happy new year for 2015.

  106. caddell

    Since update lost all contacts and when I add new contacts they just delete themselves overnight

  107. Cameronwall

    I am in Australia and am running HTC One M7 updated to 4.4.2 OTA about a month ago. Most native Apps and accociated API calls are very slow to react if at all. Memory management seems to be lost.

  108. Maryam R

    I have recently upgraded to 4.4.2 and have wifi issues ever since. Now I am reaciving notifications about another update 5.11.1540.9 has anybody done this upgrade? Is it gonna fix it or make it worst ? I don’t have battery issues or cantact lost like some of you YET.


    My phone stopped working even!! 🙁
    all it does is give some htcdialer not responding message and keep rebooting itself! need to take it to att store and see if i can retrieve my precious media at least!
    Worst update ever! testing FAIL!

  110. ranju ms

    My htc ones camera stop responding and being force closed from turning camera to selfie or video mode so i need everytime restart to work camera,some apps are also not working and being force close,otg cable also not working smoothly, lack of flash support also making device useless

  111. ghazilamiri

    i cant open notification bar when the phone is up but i can open it when i rotate my phone :/ htc one m7 4.4.2 htc sense 6.0 help please :/

  112. Andy C

    When I initially installed 4.4.2, everything seemed great. Battery life was significantly better and there were some nice improvements. That only lasted a week or two before I started getting the horrendous battery life and overheating issues experienced by many others. I also get occasional craziness with the touch screen; sometimes it’s like someone’s hacked into your phone and is pressing random buttons without you doing anything! Camera used to be excellent at low light photography, now everything is pink/purple. Maps drops out during navigation. Signal frequently disappears until a restart is performed. Very slow reaction to wake button. Bluetooth a2dp audio connection frequently drops during playback. It’s like someone wrote and released this software on their last day in the office while their leaving do was in full swing! 4.4.3 – where are you please?

    • Kaylee

      I’m a Canadian with my unlocked Canadian phone in Scotland. New update has caused massive problems with my battery life. I don’t use my phone and it drains over half way for doing nothing. I also cannot connect to my laptop to back up and save my files and photos.

      Is there anything to be done?

    • Jordin Exilia Lyne

      This is exactly what is happening with my phone!

    • Glori-Anne Williams

      Same thing with my phone.. when will it end

    • Xheaunjad

      Is their going to be a solution to the issues, my daughter has this phone and I was charged a good $$ to get an early upgrade due to issues with her previous phone.why is their a wait to fixing these issues??? These phones are not cheap.

    • Victor Torpin

      M’y phones not letting me sign into google. I cant download apps. I cant go on thé store. I cant do anything because it wont let me sign into à google account

  113. cndh

    Yes, my HTC One was brilliant until the update. Now massive battery ptoblems. It just does not recharge overnight and when it does recharge a bit, it drops quickly. I almost have to keep it plugged in permanently for it to be useful. Found a post elsewhere which suggested a Cache wipe which I have done. It sorted it out but then I found I had about 20 updates to do, including Google. Once all updated, I’m back with the problem. So Google/Android must be putting something nasty in these phones. In UK

  114. Tariq

    Ever since i updated my HTC one to 4.4.2 my mobile data or 3g shows up but my internet never works. Ive checked my apns and they’re fine. It only after the software update that this has happened. Any ideas?

  115. bhargav patel

    I had updated my HTC one and battery is draining like hell please help me out .

  116. Jordin Exilia Lyne

    When I updated my HTC it began to lag, sometimes my touch screen now does not respond or it glitches out when I’m not even touching it

  117. Slim

    Since the upgrade, apps drop out all the time, really bad lag and totally unresponsive, signal strength often drops and browser page load speed dreadful on mobile data (fine on WiFi.)

  118. Bc

    My battery power has been useless since the update 4.4.2. It often doesn’t charge overnight, tells me I am using too much power when all apps are closed. Even charging in flight mode makes no difference. Location and other obvious draining apps are off. Problem started as soon as I did the software update, it was fine before. Also since the previous update when texting or emailing the phone predicts a full stop after most words. When will they roll out a fix for this!!

  119. Deamdan04

    Since the update my HTC one signal has been rubbish, do we know if there is going to be an update to rectify this soon?

  120. Mick Barber

    why cant they just release the previous update so we can get are phones back to normal until the new one is fixed, surely it cant be that hard !!!

  121. mothgal

    WiFi is now a problem for me. If I leave it on when there isn’t a signal nothing will connect whereas before it would automatically connect to 3/4G

  122. haggis49

    Since the update I have very poor reception and the battery life is abysmal. Also the phone gets very hot.
    Most annoying of all is the fact that I continually miss calls because the ringer volume keeps dropping to almost nothing.
    I wish I had never installed this update.

  123. Debbie Lewis

    After updating to 4.4.2 on my HTC one mini the battery life is rubbish. I have to charge twice a day. Also the battery runs down when in airplane mode too.

  124. Debbie Lewis

    After 4.4.2 update battery has to be charged twice a day and also goes flat on airplane mode.

  125. Grace

    After updating to android 4.4.2 I had volume control problem when playing applications such as the music player and YouTube. It seems to be only the media sounds that are muted when playing.

  126. FlyingB7

    My battery life is really bad after upgrading – have to keep the phone plugged in constantly. I was able to get my Exchange contacts back by removing the account and then adding it back.

  127. ThePeoplesPoet

    New update to 4.4.2 seemed great now struggling to access messages as new version of messages app is as buggy as they come.

  128. sara

    in UK and I updated 2 days ago and now battery only lasts 4hours with everything turned to off. Gutted. Is there a way to undo as desperate due to being a driving instructor and need my phone on all day. 🙁

  129. Kym

    I did the update on Saturday and my battery is only lasting 4 hours which means it is always on charge. My phone is also get extremely hot and sometimes difficult to hold, i have not noticed anything else wrong with it yet due to not having enough battery to do anything.

  130. Micah

    Battery now lasts approx 8 hrs since kit kat update, was around double that before.

  131. lala

    I have lost WiFi connectivity, camera is not working, radio not working, data connection is terrible, gallery gone to hell.

  132. Ryan Schnieder

    After updating to 4.4.2, my HTC 1 my whole phone was frozen and am unable to boot up my device… Am very annoyed with this happening…Is there any quick solution to resolve this issue of mine… all in all it had spoilt my phone and i have many important documents in it.. how is htc going to compensate for this.. i want an answer!!! as before the software update my phone was in a perfect 100% running condition but after the update my phone is frozen!!!!! give me a solution HTC

    • Scott

      I have the same problem. Phone went dead after update and now useless

  133. Tracy Baker-Newman

    I am having major issues with my phone. Firstly the time changed on the clock, which was odd, but fixable. Then it seemed to drain faster than it was possible to charge it, which is fine if I’m at home, but usely if I have to take it out & want to use the phone for anything other than a brief call. Now I have noticed that my text messages are not working. The phone is becoming increasingly unusable ) I’m not impressed. I hope they can sort this out soon. 🙁

  134. Christian McCormack

    Having read some of the comments I think I have got off lightly! The only thing I have noticed since the update is that the vibration does not work any longer. Considering I have my phone only on vibrate this is a bit of a pain, I suppose I am now just going to have to find a ringtine that I don’t despise until 4.4.3 🙁

  135. Dan

    Yes I got some issues… 🙂
    When is a solution due?

  136. Anne G

    My mobile data only seems to be receiving data, I can’t send. Notifications / messages come through but can’t reply. The only thing that works properly on mobile data seems to be my email. I’m wondering if it’s just effecting apps I’ve downloaded?not noticed any other issues yet.

  137. Hammerite

    Performed update today when requested and have lost SMS icon, my camera, my video camera, my entire gallery. What is going on! Can I get these back?

  138. doug

    Downloaded 4.4.2 and now I have a pink/purple haze on camera in low light conditions

    • Alexandru

      yea ,me too i have that problem.

  139. Sebastian

    After the update my screen stops responding from time to time and the email settings had to be re installed.

    • sebastian

      Also flash doesnt work on many browsers now

  140. wells458

    Phone constantly re-boots and even switches itself on when I have switched it off!! useless!

  141. ricka

    I updated to 4.4.2 earlier this week and since then my phone no longer charges correctly. I was out of battery yestery and leaving to charge overnight has resulted in 38% battery when usually it would be fully charged. Battery life is dropping quickly also. This seems to be my only issue. Does anyone have a solution. I cannot find a fix anywhere. Not impressed with HTC and the moment.

  142. hayley minkov

    My only problem after updating to 4.4.2 is the battery life is awful. I have taken NFC off, uninstalled any apps I no longer use, made sure my screen doesn’t stay on the stay awake command, stopped background processes etc and still the battery life sucks! Utterly disappointed with HTC with this update

  143. Hayley

    Worst ever. Drains battery, connection problems on network, and can’t sync some apps. Not liking my HTC at the moment

  144. sqwawk

    Following the 4.4.2 update… all was fine for a day or two… but then it lost the carrier network signal, and a hard reset was the only way to fix it. Five days later… exactly the same issue

  145. ibbles

    I updated to 4.4.2. Battery drain has been ridiculous. And Google+ has decided to rear its ugly self. What ever it decided it needed to do, It killed 5gb of my data in less than a week. I’m not a happy chappy. Desperate times. … Have been eying up IPhone6

  146. Darrenwest West

    Cant ring out on my htc one since its been updated please fix

  147. Emma Findlays Mummy Green

    Got the 4.4.2 update (in the UK for clarification) and can happily report no problems (so far) pretty happy with it

  148. wells458

    Installed the update as prompted and the phone has not worked properly since. Endless self re-booting, freezes, drops signal for no reason, will not disconnect after calls, Luckily the phone is a business phone and I have ordered a replacement.

  149. dennis G

    since update to 4.4.2 which happened automatically i can no longer watch live video get a pop up explaining device does not support adobe flash player i have only had phone 7 months and provider EE just do not want to assist in any manner there customer care is a disgrace and just blame HTC i advise everyone to tred carefully before using them there shocking. i also have a issue with the battery only lasting a few hours now.

  150. sjk3

    I know this sounds ridiculous but since the 4.4.2 update I can’t answer incoming calls! Its driving me crazy as I use it for business. I have to wait for the caller to hang up and call them back. Sort this out HTC…….if it works why change it?!?!?!

  151. Luke Hansen

    Black screen problems, and aux cord will not work on my phone now.

  152. ecks

    Immediately after my HTC One Mini updated to 4.4.2 my signal & battery life just disappeared. I charge my phone over night but this morning I turned it back on & promptly forgot about it when I went to work – it spent 8hrs sitting on the dining table doing absolutely nothing & with nothing running in the background, but it was still flat as a pancake when I got home! Hubby is experiencing the same problems with his HTC One. Pretty disappointed given these were such awesome phones, but now they’re next to useless.

  153. lucas

    ive only just updated my phone and now I am no longer able to charge it properly and I keep having signal problems, they need to update it and sort this problem out

  154. Morts

    Always experiencing problem with sync, so cant access any internet with phone

  155. DaveD

    Hi, had problem on my HTC One 4.4.3 with exchange contacts not syncing, deleted the exchange account and re activated and problem solved, thanks

  156. Charlie23

    I’m on 4.4.2 and the phone is constantly draining battery and overheating, any ideas how to fix this one?

  157. spikey

    I’ve had issues recieving texts and now it seems to slow charge the battery and this has only happened in the last week

  158. Deano

    My HTC One is much slower at opening apps or connecting to Wi fi. My battery life has also taken a hit

  159. mike N.

    I’m not in the U.K. but the U.S. since updating to 4.4.2 (HTC one M7), I cannot make or receive phone calls via cell… I’m only able to contact land lines, texting still works. my friend who owns the Samsung S4 same issue.

  160. shoaib

    There is dead strip on the screen on the upper part which is not responding to select the icons or drag them upward or downward

  161. lilifa

    The same issues here. Serious battery drainage, I switched off everything what can be off, still doesn’t last longer then lunch after all night charging. Pretty much useless phone. It says that 53% of battery usage is Android system!! As well as data are off a lot. Please fix this!!!

  162. graham

    I have two HTC one m7s. one is fine the second has lost the caller I’D and seems to have a problem receiving calls but I am unsure if this is the 4G issue Graham

  163. Rio Arifos®

    I can’t update my HTC ONE M8 to the latest update 4.4.4 and my blinkfeed isn’t working and I tried to install it but play store keep saying not compactible with your phone. And suddenly my camera stops working yesterday…I am confused …plz help me as fast as possible . thanks

  164. Charles Hamilton

    My download was couple of weeks ago and now my 1 yearold htc struggles to get reception and it shut down while charging and i had to do a hardware start and plug it into computer your company caused it now fix it

  165. Raed Zaher

    Hi, I have updated my phone, and the battery charging is soo bad, charging it for 60% takes more that 16 hours, Also, i can see some pink color on the camera during the night or low light conditions. I can see that others are having the same problem, but with no updates, What is the update on this?

  166. shan

    After updating my phone, it isn’t letting me hear others who call me or they cant hear me!!

  167. techie52

    No way was 4.4.2 released in the US without issues. My wife’s HTC One lost the ability to sync contacts with Exchange, as others here have pointed out. Thanks to the posters here who mentioned deleting and reconfiguring the account; that worked. It’s a shame this kind of thing is a constant issue with Android.

  168. Pravin More

    plz help,, after updating android sof 4.4.2 my caller name dose not display when i was call… only they get no…. bt that no save in my phn book.. than why not show the name also…??????

  169. Emil

    My One Mini gets hot (127F) after a few minutes of using any services with Internet (by mobile andWiFi)

  170. Phoenix98

    My husband and I lice in the US, we each have the LG Enact. Ever since the last update of KIT KAT:
    1) phone shuts down for no reason
    2) Bluetooth with Navigation is a nightmare. it does not work. (what is the sense of having a bluetooth then. Have had to tell people do not call me if I am using the navigator, because if I answer the bluetooth, it stops the navigator completely.
    3) there are times that I call someone and they don’t hear me and I don’t hear them. I have to completely reboot my phone to get it to work.
    It cuts calls for no reason.
    4) apps suddenly stop in the middle of using them.

    Since this is a software issue, the providers can’t help and have no clue what you are talking about. They had me call LG. LG told us to do a factory reset! I just spent all morning making sure all our pictures and music were on the SD card. Just did the factory reset. Unfortunately from what I have seen on all forums, this does not seem to work.
    Biggest problem is … I see no update in sight for this mess!!!

  171. Dr-Al

    Mine now runs hot any time I use it. All my personalisation settings were wiped out during the update. Worse than this, they removed what, for me, was one of the main features that caused me to choose this phone – Live weather Wallpaper.

  172. Dr-Al

    Oh and the camera now gives a purple tinge to every photo…

  173. Jenbob

    After my recent update my phone seems to have a 5 second delay on everything I press…. Even text messaging. When selecting an option it has to think about it first…. Extremely annoying to say the least….

  174. Martin

    Nightmare – Vibrates every 5 minutes – keeps switching to silent (and changing other settings as it feels like it – it has developed a will of it’s own. I used to love this phone – now I hate it.

  175. pumpkinnsoupp

    Hi I’m in Australia, and have a HTC one m7 with software 4.4.3 and when making a phone call I can’t hear anyone and they can’t hear me, even when I have speaker phone on and headphones in. I’ve played music through it and all that works it’s just my phone calls

    • Glenn

      Hi, Im in Australia too and have the exact same issue after Telstra pushed out the 4.4.3 update. Do you have a fix for it?

      • pumpkinnsoupp

        My dad looked it up yesterday, I backed my phone up then restored it and it all started working again

        • Glenn

          I’ve worked out how to fix the issue. Uninstall the latest version of Google CHROME and then REBOOT your phone and it should work.

          • CaseCase

            I have his exact problem too. i just tried your fix and it didn’t work for me unfortunately.

  176. jeremy andrews

    Since the update my Mic no longer works

  177. upsman

    Download 4.4.2 couple weeks back. Slow performance. Restarts. And the tips and hints for switching to selfie mode doesn’t work. Why make it so complicated.

  178. Alison Haybyrne

    Installed THE 4.4.2 about 2 days ago and it’s draining my battery , brand new phone too NOT HAPPY

  179. andrew

    Touch doesn’t work often on some targets, but when switched to landscape the lag seems to disappear. Tried factory reset. And it got even worse.

  180. Noellen Richards

    I do not live in the UK but yet I did the update and I can not use my camera, the WiFi will not work and plus it just makes me mad to read that u said that there is no problem in the United State but yet u stoped it. So if there is no trouble why will my camera not work?????? Pist off right now

  181. mike

    I live in the US and received the 4.4.2 update on my HTC M7. I am no longer able to keep a wifi connection to any router. I do not consider this a US rollout without problems.

  182. Doylelag

    I have 3 major problems with the update.
    1. My contacts have alll jumbled up, randomly linking so that the profile for ‘J. Blogg’, has a photo of ‘ AN Other’ and the emails and phone numbers of multiple other random people. I spent ages unblinking them only to find afterwards that they were all linked randomly once again.
    2. There are often delays on the keyboard input and also just the general touch interface sso I regularly get problem pauses where nothing happens and then, because I’ve swiped once or twice to get where I & want, it seems to go into a hyoerdrive to interpret all the swipes and takes me exactly where I do not want to be, both on screen and, if I use navigation apps, literally!
    3. The camera app is terrible now. Zoë has lost all of the fantastic editing features which made me decide to buy the HTC One. Now all that Zoë does is record a video clip and the only edit you can do is snip the ends of the clip to shorten the duration. Rubbish!
    I used to love my HTC One but now that this update of android has occurred, I hate it. I wish I could revert back to the older version of android but I am guessing that will not be an option. Android 4.4.2 seriously limits and impairs the functionality of my HTC One.

  183. Richard Beever

    My update to 4.4.3 has streaming issues keeps coming up with can’t play this video

  184. Herodarien

    I keep experiencing camera difficulties on my HTC one mini 2. Everytime I click on the camera it crashes straight away, as I’m doing an apprenticeship I need to take photo’s for evidence. as the camera doesn’t work at all I cannot do this, would be great if someone could help

  185. Izinbard Brunell

    My handset was replaced by Vodafone due to the wifi not working, I was working great (for all of 2 days) updated, now the camera is stuck on selfie. Also lost all contacts after update to 4.4.3

  186. the big D 16

    Videos keep stopping and starting even wi to WiFi on

  187. Alexandru

    After updating to 4.4.2 my HTC One . I cant charge it , Only when is turn off. And it charge in 24 hour like 80-90% , cant charge it when is on.

  188. Sherill Marasigan

    HELP!!! My fone just automatically updates at the most inconvenient random times. The last update has left me with a cell phone that can’t make or receive calls! I rely heavily on my fone for business as well as a single mom of two young ones. Does anyone know what caused this glitch and how I can have the functionality of an actual cell fone I can make and receive calls???

  189. Xdg Donnie

    I have problem for my HTC one mini 2 of appareil photograph walk more :'(

  190. Jesus Pacheco

    Hey well I have the 4.4.2 update on the HTC but I don’t have any of the apps like lock screen style and more. I need help.

  191. joey

    My screen goes white after i install and app or uninstall an app thats the only problem ive experienced , can anyone help me please

  192. jatin sharma

    vibration function stopped after 4.4.3 update. on my HTC One. Any Clues.

  193. sullyfem

    All my texts have disappeared and my vibration doesn’t work

  194. Spazzy Epstein the Jiz Juggler

    Unresponsive band at the top fifth of the screen. VERY annoying.

  195. Mattw

    One mini 2 in the UK. Last week had constant error message “” which resulted in a hard reset after being unusable. This week chrome won’t open, and constant error message about Google play movies and tv, battery life is rubbish and refresh icon is constantly displayed at the top of the screen.

  196. Micanic84

    I too have some of these issues. One other thing, I set my music to bypass the lock screen by swiping right, if I do that some software anomaly causes the phone not to recognize that an aux cable is plugged in so I can’t play music to my stereo.

  197. David Wallis

    got 4.4.4 cyanagen custom rom on my HTC One X no issues apart from a weak wifi signal and phone sometimes wont dial out

  198. Speedy

    i got htc one just recently.and some updates got installed and after updates…any almost all apps cant be used because of low performance. dunno how..but 4.4.3 android its a i need to use pc to reinstall stock android before this shit.

    And after updates lost all contacts and there is more to tell.

  199. Speedy

    I NEED THE 4.2.2 VERSION BACK! I CANT USE almost any apps because they are extremly laggy! hard reset soft reset none of them can’t fix.

  200. Speedy

    i need something where to upload 1 video with my fav app that is working with extremely laggy.

  201. Phil Smith

    Hi when I use my HTC one M 8 on three in touch it takes 3/4 attemps at making a call before connecting
    Can anyone explain why this should happen

  202. sarahd

    One mini keeps shutting down unexpectedly, despite sufficient battery charge. So frustrating!

  203. Chandan

    After the ‘System Update’ installation, my HTC One m7 running 4.4.3 running s/w version 6.13.707.106 started behaving weird. Contacts app and Dialer app , both are totally bricked! I donno what to do…how do I uninstall the system update ?

  204. ste7eg

    yep its crap now what ashame

  205. kronos

    After this update my phone dies super fast. Also i can no longer send nor receive pictures via text. It doesn’t open anymore. WTH! is anyone else experiencing this?

  206. Andy

    Since the latest update my HTC one vibrates when I get a notification even though it’s supposed to be set to silent.

  207. gd23

    im in the US but after downloading the new update my phone has gotten extremely slow…

  208. Usman Ahmadu

    I live in Nigeria I updated my htc one xl,and I found out that my camera is enable and I can’t find my picture

  209. Usman Ahmadu

    can some body help me please?

  210. mitch411

    How come I have push 1 now to answer an incoming call on my HTC one m7?

  211. momo

    I lost most of my contacts pls advice what to do ? also lost all my saved words in phone dictionary

    • Ste

      Wifi issues losing connection always. Purple tinge to camera not happy..

  212. lincsjoker777

    I got the latest update last week and since then my phone has been unresponsive and slow especially when running messenger and kik apps. It has turned it from a lightening fast phone into a frustrating POS. Hope they sort this soon. It has also lost all its voice msil setting so i cannot recieve voice mail.

  213. apstheman

    my htc mini 2 has similar issues to Andy C. won’t recognise wifi printers, hotspot is nigh on useless, signal falls out as it feels likeit. text is a nightmare, only learns words in qwerty mode, predictive is bizarre to say the least. as for the camera now, nuff said. makes you want to buy an iphone…….

  214. whitey

    My HTC one dual SIM after second update become crazy sometime freezes the call, so I can’t hear the caller while they can hear me then I must restart it to be able to call again

    Sometimes both SIM become inactive so I have to restart it again Also from time to time it shows me a message saying error signing to your account which is Google account.

    What is wrong with it, please I need your help

    I use to love this mobile so much

  215. IB6

    Since the update my phone is continually freezing! Its driving me nuts!

  216. Zoe Gliddon

    Keeps freezing my phone, despite restoring it back to factory settings.
    Sometimes won’t let Me answer a text message and auto correct has just gone to a new level of annoying!
    I hate it !!!

  217. james

    I’m in USA… my HTC One update has destroyed my phone. the phone lags terribly. Does anyone know how I can roll back the update? Or should I just toss it in the trash and get a real phone?

  218. Arun

    I updated my HTC ONE to 4.4.2 kitkat. After the update, contacts, calling and messaging are getting hanged too frequently. I cant able to make calls. After a few days of update my phone turned off automatically and cant able to turn it on again. I need solution to this problem. Currently my phone is dead.

  219. E

    From Australia and I too am experiencing issues with my battery after upgrading!! Takes forever to charge but only takes a few min to drain the battery!

  220. sueo

    My battery is not what it used to be…runs out by lunchtime..also delay in calling when dialling digits…something is very wrong and want it to revert back to previous..

  221. bci101

    Lost my news updates, lost all blink feeds, can’t get anything on the home screen.

  222. Mick Hendges

    I have the HTC one sv, and my video camera just disappeared! Now I can’t even play the videos on my sd card! Why did this happen? How do I get it back?

  223. Antoine

    This morning I wast listening to music and i had some recorded videos that i made with my htc one mini 2, I click on it to re listen to them and it said ” cant play video”. I then restarted my phone and when i did it said ” NOtification widget has stopped unexpectedly” and ” uci ( Whcih is the android system on it i think ) has stoped unexpectdidly. MY phone is useless right now ,i cant even go on the main menue due to the andoid sytem does not work. Have I got a a virus ??? I scan my device everyday and it said i had 0 virus ive had the phone for 4 months and already now I have a huge problem. Can anyone help me out ?????????

  224. Snoops8566

    I recently upgraded my software on my HTC one M7 and noticed that it started to run a little slow now my phone is gone totally blank you cannot make or receive calls it will not switch on or show any signs of life.

    I’m not a happy bunny as this is my business phone

  225. zikanis

    My HTC keeps shutting down all apps when I open them after the update only chrome works and a few games but apps like Facebook and YouTube still won’t open …. I uninstalled the apps and reset them but still have the same problem

  226. Patrick S. Pedersen

    Got a problem with the last update. My phone won`t start past the startup screen, everything on my phone gets an error message, And that the system UI has stopped unexpectedly. What to do?

  227. Tyzer Yaya Tyzer Yaya

    Mine too, it was so peaceful until I update,,Dammm

  228. cat

    My htc one mini battery dies at around 70% and then wont turn on or if it does it turns off instantly and i plug it in to charge and its at 63% not 0. Or i only get 20 mins battery time before it dies.

  229. Nishanth

    Recently my messages on my HTC one M7 , won’t open . After I’ve sent a message to someone and try to open the ‘messages’ icon , it won’t open and “messages has stopped unexpectedly” and a “Don’t send” & “Send report” box opens up … and if I have to get it to work properly , I must reboot my device and open the messages again but the second time I try to open it , it displays the same “send report ” message box again !! Please help !! …

  230. Bode

    I upgraded my htc one yesterday and I cant access my notes anymore. It says it would be exported to Evernote but there is nothing there…please can anyone help!!!

  231. Wreaford Ray

    I keep losing the WiFi signal. After a few seconds it comes back again. It is very frustrating.

  232. Super Sophs

    My phone is totally unusable now it’s just crashing and throwing up error messages any time i try and use ANY app or messages or anything. I’m SO annoyed! I don’t want to restore the whole phone as I have recent pictures of my son that haven’t been backed up. Why roll out an upgrade that causes so many uses such problems?

  233. Tom

    My phone won’t Update, it downloads it, but when installing the update a Red error icon appears, then my phone restarts

  234. nikcapo

    Just updated today and emails are completely inaccessible. I can see how many there are . . . .but can’t open the email folder -it returns to the home screen.

  235. Anthony 'tosh' Summerfield

    This update has well and truly screwed up my wife and my own phone. Each phone contained personal images and data form people who are no longer with us, as these events are recent, no backup was done, and now, due to this colossal @#£kup by HTC, those memories are gone forever. This blunder can only be described as, a house fire on the phone, destroyed in seconds, gone forever. When the phone lines open Monday morning, HTC will receive the biggest %&#king of their lives.

  236. Tim Greene

    My HTC one after the update takes forever to open up text then when it finally does open it freezes and takes forever to write anything, is there a way to fix this ?

  237. @kki

    i am using desire 816 dual sim(india) currently running on 4.4.2
    my device’s battery drain at terrific rate,
    at standby mode (extreme power saving mode) there is minimum battery drop of 30% in single night (without any use) & also getting heated without use upto 47 degree without use automatically
    battery performance is random
    please give me the fix as soon as possible my warrenty is about to expire

  238. Andyhesk

    My HTC One keeps forgetting it’s WiFi settings and also keeps chiming every 10 seconds when a notification appears which is a nightmare through the night.

    • Ness9

      Snap….had to put mine on Do not Disturb last night in the end cos I couldn’t shut it up! My WiFi is shot too. Hoping they send an update that sorts this mess soon.

  239. Ness9

    My phone is glitchy, it won’t type properly and keeps alerting re a notification but there is nothing there….

  240. Kadio

    Updated my software yesterday and now I have no reception so I can’t make or receive calls. I have no internet except for when I have WiFi connection and my handset initially kept turning itself off and then back on.
    Called HTC and they said to do a factory reset but this has only exacerbated the problem…

    Not happy at all.

  241. Biradam

    HTC ONE M7, updated 4.4.2 and 4.4.3 within a week over Christmas 2014, I have done factory reset and phone is still running 4.4.3 but phone is almost unusable. It takes up to 1min 30secs to open SMS and up to 1min to dial a number. Constantly black screen and error reports. This is the 4th HTC I’ve had, and have loved their phones. but my experience with this one is the last.

  242. reecemac

    Phone constantly crashing post update. When are they going to release a fix?

  243. CP CP

    I have updated my htc one last week ….. And now my wifi signal is constantly cutting out , i plug my handsfree in to make a call it turns my music on , when im on the lock screen it looks like its glitching screen flickers … Tbh this updaye has totally ruined my phone and come november i will NOT be upgrading to a newer htc …

  244. Victor Torpin

    I have à question. My htc one m7 wont let me sign into my google account so that i can download apps. It wont even let me go on thé google play store.

  245. Gedion

    Am using HTC one mini 2 since six months and was really enjoying my phone, but after downloading update android version4.4.2 the screen slide down completely stop functioning. Am for looking forward your help.

  246. Gedion

    After updating my HTC one mini 2 i face so many difficulties on using my phone, I think it’s happened on so many users so please how can I uninstall android 4.4.2 version ?

  247. Csilla

    My HTC one is very slow since the update… Slow texting,or just to change the apps,using the camera … and doesn’t show my new incoming text! I want the old version back! I always hated the updates and I regret is again!

  248. Declan O'Donoghue

    I have been unable to hear the other person, or they me during phone calls since updating. Whatsap and Skype work fine so it’s clearly an android problem. Anyone else experiencing the same issues?

  249. Chelsea Luisa Sousa

    I have lost my dual camera option along with other camera option, my keyboard keeps disappearing and all my apps keep crashing! I didn’t want the update but I couldn’t select anything apart from “ok” not to mention it deleted some of my important files as well ! Battery is also useless now -_-

  250. Nic04

    My HTC one keeps freezing when typing a message and closing down.mis there a way to revert back to the previous update?

  251. Jeffrey Coles

    I have lost settings, the settings icon is there to the right of the wireless on/off but there is no blue line beneath it that indicates there is a funtion or menu, on pressing the settings button it just returns you to you previous screen. Although I can turn things on and off like the wireless and bluetooth I cannot configure them

  252. Will O Riordan

    I have lost my blinkfeed it just says updating on top of the screen. Also i have no access to my gallery , so can’t view my photos. My HTC One Mini 2 is running sense 6.0 also, not sure if this has something to do with it.

  253. Timetraveller

    I Just Updated and my Play Store will NOT Work … All I get is a Blank White screen ? Anyone got any ideas How I can Fix this ???

    • ayoub

      root your device and install (sys apps delet) then delet the play store ,after download a new version frome your computer ,install it on your phone ,and make a recovery of it in the system apps folder .

  254. Rosalyn Clayden

    I hate this update! All the colours went wrong on my HTC 1 8. There’s double writing on my mail which I cannot read properly and various people have tried to fix it without result. I am thinking of dumping my phone if I don’t get this sorted soon.

  255. Rafael Rodriguez

    I live in Puerto Rico, US Market.
    My HTC M9 started to make daily System Updates and around December 31, after another daily System Update, it started asking for a password to decrypt the phone, I did never had a password before. So my phone now is useless.