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HTC Source | January 20, 2018

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HTC and Gary Oldman team up to promote the HTC One (M8) – ask the internet, blah, blah, balh

HTC and Gary Oldman team up to promote the HTC One (M8) – ask the internet, blah, blah, balh

There’s no denying that HTC’s marketing campaign featuring Robert Downey Jr was a bit odd. Rather than sticking with the same theme, HTC has hit the reboot button and pulled in Gary Oldman for its first two ads for the HTC One (M8). This time around, the message is simple: “At HTC, they don’t make phones for everyone – just those who demand more, who form their own opinions. People like you. So, go ahead, ask the internet. I’ll wait.”

Filming a commercial which asks consumers to “ask the internet” about a phone even before the device is unveiled is an extremely risky more. That being said, it shows HTC was extremely confident in the HTC One (M8) and expected raving reviews from major tech sites. So far, the plan seems to have worked. While the camera is a little disappointing, it does not detract much from the phone’s incredible design, build quality, refined software and impressive battery life. We’re still working on our review, but it’s fair to say that the HTC One (M8) is the best device ever made by HTC.

The two HTC One (M8) ads are already being aired in the US and we expect them to hit Europe and Asia any time now. Take a look at HTC’s new ads featuring Gary Oldman and let us know what you think.

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Tech enthusiast, Android user and founder of the first HTC blog – Nick Gray has been blogging about HTC phones before most people knew what a smartphone even was. Over the years Nick has owned and tested dozens HTC devices and is constantly flashing new ROMs to his Android phones.


  1. Like them. Wish they would do a full 360 of the One at the end though.

  2. PhantomOps

    IMO, it needs to be dumped. Come on HTC, you make a great phone. Show it, tell people about it. I walk away from your commercial scratching my head, like, just what are you trying to tell people? Give them the goods. Take a look at Samsung, they definitely know how to make a commercial.

    • Nick Sherrill


    • Jeans

      This is for people who are wise and understand after 1 word or mimics.
      As they are not neurotics.

      Samsung is for Mr. Smith.

      • Andres Galvan

        The general population – the people HTC actually needs to understand these commercials – is not wise. The general population is Mr. Smith, which is why Samsung is where they are right now.

        • Jeans

          Yes indeed.

          This is why I wrote below.

          On another hand as you know even if in each nation is 5% wise people however we call them is still enough to keep HTC running.

          Plus not a problem for Mr. Smith to change his life and at least pose to be that wise guy.

          Ad is brave and is what I would expect from them and product created.

          Some people love to learn everyday not scared of changes some people just follow.

          This is why people drive Saab, Subaru or Lexus etc. And nobody wanted that Lexus will drive anyone just to push numbers. Even when Saab died.

          Its a duty.

          • Jeans

            Its like picking girl.

            Some boys like fake tan, heavy make up, lots of fake giggles. Can be flashy money demanding to show off as project this on her style.

            Some go for “shy” in the corner natural beauty , with only 1 little pearl.
            She actually can be more emotionally demanding, intellectually challenging.
            Not easy catch but life full of adventures.

            Its up to you.

        • PhantomOps

          I totally agree. Samsung commercials are straight forward and hard hitting…”our phone does ABC”…people get that. I’ve seen so many people go from iPhones to Samsung GS’s. However, not so many opt for the HTC One and I attribute it to the Samsung commercials being clear, hard hitting, and even humorous. HTC One, not so clear to the average person. Too many people just go with what they see in a commercial, what their friends are buying or what the carrier sales reps recommend. I switched from iPhone to the original HTC One, but the vast majority of my friends, stayed with iPhone or the Samsung GS’s. HTC needs to step up the quality of their commercials or they are always going to be lagging behind a Apple and Samsung even if they make a superior product.

          • Jeans

            I like to have other products then majority.
            Exotic for majority.

            Lets say living in France you wear Polo Lauren and living in USA wear Lacoste.

            Look how funny would be to creat such a good device and do advertise with Britney or Take That.
            Or like washing powder this one wash in 30C and others dont. Bla bla bla.
            This just doesnt work. It doesnt look they had in mind Mr. Smith. Even would go further in next ad, I asked, you didnt ask internet lazy go to Samsung or Iphone. Lol quick

            These phones are as every project in mind created for sophisticated, eclectic leader pointers.
            Its like single malt whisky, cigars, luxury watches. Mens toys. Gary was a rough diamond.

            Dont feel guilty that you have better phone then your friends. Lol

  3. Jeans

    Another thing, Gary Oldman is the Men.
    His life, his work and not “cheap” production. Its very good placement for HTC One.

    I dont care if would have custome HTC One and nobody else would have/understand. Let say the geek nerd is the richest guy on the planet – fact.
    Like queen smokes his own cigars.

    I care only for those from HTC who spend their time/energy to create such a good product to have money to send kids to good schools or have money for decent living.

    Ad is great no question asked. A bit Batmanish weather and the sound like who wants to be millioneir. He is waiting and sure.

  4. Tarcísio Medeiros

    If HTC had put 13 or 16MP, it would be a perfect phone. But except for the use of gyroscope , the camera is worse than even original HTC One. Why EVERY HTC must have a huge bad point?

    • Jeans

      The HTC One (M8) audio quality is by far the best we’ve seen a mobile device produce so far – and that’s including tablets. Even its impressive predecessor pales in comparison with the latest HTC flagship, which is not only the loudest around, but also delivers perfectly clean output.

      The HTC One (M8) did perfectly in the active external amplifier part of the test, posting great scores all over the field. In addition it had volume levels higher than every other mobile device on the market right now.

      More impressively, there’s virtually no degradation when you plug in a pair of headphones. The stereo crosstalk rises so little that it remains better than what some smartphones deliver without headphones. The rest of the readings remain perfect too, while the volume is as high as they come. What do you know – dropping the Beats logo actually led to even more spectacular performance by the HTC flagship.

    • Jeans

      Do you own phone or just repeat someone?

      It would be safe bet buy from 3rd party 16mp and fit. This is not HTC inovation instead safe bet. Heroes. 2 cameras. Nobody touched this before.

      I saw pictures taken and is very good for my use. Would be more than happy to own One M8. My friends also send me pictures taken by iphone 5s etc and in peoples hands pictures not always look like on reviews.

      And it all just started we will see what else can do 2 cameras.

      Why they also not make plastic phone its easy to do it. Maybe few seconds instead two hours.

      • Tarcísio Medeiros

        Jeans, if you pay so much for a flagship phone you should get the best.

        Why have a “good” camera, if Samsung, Nokia or Apple have better ones? HTC says to ask the internet: And so it tells: The new HTC One camera is worse. Doesn’t have IOS, is only 4MP, do not capture details, can not record at 4K nor even 1080p at 60fps. The Design is beautiful, Sense Update brings some cool features (besides I don’t like the new flat design), but I, and most of phones expert could not recommend it if you use a lot of your camera. Even the best 4MP camera could not compete with Nokia’s PureView and Samsung’s 16MP. It just cannot. This uFocus is already possible with one camera.

        If she really wanna be the best, it’s not only do a beautiful cellphone, it have to be a perfect one. Do you really think someone reading the specs would buy a “4MP” camera cellphone, having another cellphone with 16MP ? What sells is numbers and marketing. HTC One AGAIN have the worse battery capacity (even being a good one), AGAIN having the worse camera and even in low light, Nokia’s camera can do better with normal megapixels.

        I love HTC, but she needs to be less hard head… If you are OK with that camera, so you do not “demand more”…

        • Jeans

          Hey Tarcisio. As you said if you need better camera buy dslr or go for another phone.
          I dont need 4k recording and pictures which I saw are very good for me and my use.
          For me is consistency is important (and output 3.5) and I dont mind what reviews say before I use it for my need.

          Its no perfect thing on planet like monolith or whatever we just balance between.

        • Ianto

          Your lack of understanding of camera technology is laughable. Megapixels don’t mean a damn thing.

          And even that a real photographer gave the M8’s camera a very positive review it proves you lack intelligence