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HTC Source | January 19, 2018

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All new HTC One Duo Camera resolution revealed

All new HTC One Duo Camera resolution revealed

The Duo Camera on the upcoming all new HTC One has been the most intriguing aspect of the device since the first rumors hit the web in last 2013. While leaks have indicated that HTC will be using the two camera to produce better low light images and refocusing capabilities, we’ve never known what the resolution would be granted by the two sensors – until today.

New documentation has surfaced, listing both a 4 and 16 megapixel sensor for the all new HTC One. The 4 megapixel sensor is most likely a new UltraPixel sensor which will handle low light image improvements while the 16 megapixel sensor will most likely be used to capture additional detail when lighting conditions are optimal. We imagine HTC still have a few tricks up its sleeve as to how the two imaging sensors will work together, but fortunately we have less than a week to go before everything if officially unveiled at the handset’s launch event on March 25th.


Source: Tenna via PocketNow


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  1. Richard Denton

    Boom! Ace!

  2. Ahmed

    YES YES YES YES. BTW why don’t you use the Disqus commenting system or whatever it’s called.

    • It’son the list. We are making some back-end code changes so that we don’t lose any of the old comments once we roll it out. It’s coming…

  3. No-Name

    Sounds promising… Really can’t wait anymore, just wish i could close my eyes and open’em again to find it’s March 25th already.
    Good luck HTC…

  4. Jeans

    De gustibus non est disputandum but in my opinion is the best looking phone.

    HTC One

  5. Danny Samuel

    This is the specs which is been assumed to be as Htc M8’s camera spec

    • nickmgray

      Actually, that’s a completely different phone and not related to HTC in any way.

      • Danny Samuel

        This was discussed over the XDA forum alot by yesterday itself and thats confirmed that the specs of the iuni u2 was 16UP….which was misunderstood as 16UP of HTC M8

  6. Disqus? Awesome!