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HTC Source | February 20, 2018

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Motorcyclist saves Peter Chou from traffic jam during MWC

Motorcyclist saves Peter Chou from traffic jam during MWC

If you’ve ever been to or followed news from Mobile World Congress or the Consumer Electronic Show, you know that it is nearly impossible to get from point A to point B. Yes, things are typically confined to the main convention floor, but getting to and from the convention requires military-level planning even if you’re only traveling a half mile. While tech journalists are typically the first to complain about the major tech shows, these same issues affect everyone – even Peter Chou, the CEO of HTC.

On Monday February 24th, Peter Chou grabbed a cab from his hotel to get to an important meeting at Fira Barcelona. The cab ride to Chou’s final destination should have taken a mere 10 minutes, but Barcelona’s rush hour traffic settled in, bringing the cars on the road to a crawl. Realizing that he would be late to his meeting, Peter asked the cab driver to honk at a nearby motorcyclist. After a quick exchange, Peter Chou jumped on to the back of the bike with its owner and they were off – zigzagging through traffic, heading for Fira Barcelona. Once they had arrived at the destination, the motorcyclist politely refused any payment for the favor and urged Peter to head off to his appointment.

Now that all the chaos of Mobile World Congress has finally settled, HTC is on a mission to find the gentleman who assisted Peter Chou on the morning of February 24th. Peter Chou describes the biker as a “good-looking man, 45-50 years old, riding a Green Honda Scoopy with a yellow plate.” If you know any information what would help HTC track down the anonymous motorcyclist, you can do so on Facebook or Twitter– with the hashtag #HTCseeksBiker.

Next time someone you don’t know asks you for a favor, don’t be too quick to say know. You never know who will need your help.

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